Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Extra Pictures

I took over 900 pictures on our Scotland/Ireland vacation.   
These are a few the ones that didn't make the other blog posts.  
 This was a giant ice glacier at Dynamic Earth.  
These were the sinks in Ireland and Scotland.  It was impossible to get warm water.  
You either had cold or scalding hot water.  I guess they want you to stop up the sink and mix the two?

Ethan enjoyed cotton candy at the Highland Games.  
Nate had fudge on the brain the whole vacation.
 The pubs in Dublin were really pretty.
 There was also some really cool graffiti in Dublin. 
 These ladies had some killer heels!
 The fellas were obsessed with climbing everything they could.
 The boys had to be so tired of Nate and I saying, "THAT IS GORGEOUS."  
In this picture, Link just said, "I don't mean to be rude, but they are just some cliffs!"  
 Ethan absolutely loved running and jumping on the rocks at Giant's Causeway.  
I just tried to not twist an ankle.  
 This is Europa Hotel in Belfast.  According to our bus guide, it's the most bombed hotel in Europe.  
 These are some interestingly dressed people in Belfast.  
 In this picture, Ethan is making Nate and Link sign the letters L-E.  He is signing A and P.  
I love that they just went along with it.  
 I had such a hard time taking pictures of this guy.  Both he and Ethan have such light skin.  
They either glow or are too dark in my pictures.  
 These boys are definitely the children of a blogger.  They started asking me to take pictures of them.
 This was just a super pretty picture!
 We did lots of selfies!!!  The sun was so bright here! 
 I love this picture of the little micra.  We brought two duffel bags, two backpacks, and one suitcase.  At the rental car place, we were VERY nervous that our luggage wouldn't fit!  
We kept one of the backpacks up front with us and everything fit.....snuggly.  
Oddly enough, the boys didn't really ask for any souvenirs.  Ethan found a tiny snow globe that said Ethan.  Link didn't ask for a thing.  On our very last day, I showed the boys the flutes and told them they could have them.  Ethan is really good on his recorder, so I thought these would be cool.   
Nate and I came home with t-shirts, scarves, two hats each, and a sweater.  

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