Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rosa Parks Field Trip

 Lincoln's 3rd Grade Class went to the Rosa Parks museum this week.  I tagged along!  
We visited this museum four years ago.  It's amazing how much more information you can take in when you go with a class of eight year olds vs. ONE four year old!  

McWane Science Center

Everyone was off for Veteran's Day so, we headed to Birmingham to the McWane Science Center.
Ethan rushed to try the bed of nails!
 There were a lot of fun interactive exhibits.
 There was definitely an art to making these giants bubbles.
 Tight rope biking was fun!
 As I was researching the science center, I found an article about Veteran's Day.  
Apparently, the celebration started in Birmingham.  
On our way out, we saw lots of people and these guys across the street watching the city parade.
 It was a super fun day!  

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween

 We left for trick-or-treating about 6:00 and hit about 5 houses in our pod.  We left for the next pod and saw no lights on.  We walked to the next pod, and saw no lights on.  We decided to walk to one more.  On our way, we decided to take some pictures with these spooky looking trees!
 Poor Ethan was burning up in his costume!
 Lincoln had lots of ideas for pirate poses.
 The last pod had about 6 or 7 houses with their lights on.  
We laughed and said that at least we walked off the calories we were going to eat when we got home!