Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Leap Day

 We left Mary's house near the Cliffs of Moher on Friday morning.  As we left, we were surrounded by FOG!  We had big plans to drive the Dingle Peninsula, but we wanted to actually enjoy the views.  So, we ditched that plan and drove south to Leap, Ireland!
 It was a long drive, but we were excited to see what the little village looked like.  
After doing some research, we learned that the village's full Irish name means "O'Donovan's Leap" and is derived from the story of a chieftain called O'Donovan, who was pursued by English soldiers, but escaped them by jumping across a ravine at the bottom of the village.
There were three places to eat in Leap, so we picked the Leap Inn.  

 We were the only people there, so we were a little leary.  We ordered some tuna sandwiches.  
 Link was not a fan!
 After lunch, we drove to the Leap church and parked.  
 Across the street was the Leap Amenity Playground.  
 The Leap boys had to play on the Leap playground.  
We had a fun little stop in Leap, Ireland!  

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