Thursday, December 1, 2016

Service Project at MLK Jr's Parsonage

I love service projects!  I love serving at the amazing Civil Rights spots in Montgomery even more!  
When our friend, Jeff, told us that his wife works at the Dexter avenue parsonage and they needed some work done, our life group was all on it!!!
We cleaned, power-washed, and landscaped for a few hours!  
Oh....and they did some heavy lifting!  :)
The fellas loved spraying everything down! 

Halloween Weekend

We had a super busy Halloween weekend.  Nate's work did Haunted College again!  
Nate's costume was SCARY!
Lincoln was very brave and made it the whole way through the college.  Ethan decided to hang back!
On Sunday night, the Leap's went back to Germany days and passed out candy to the sweet little Americans!  :)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lincoln's Soccer

A few pictures from Link's game this week!  He plays HARD!

Ethan's Twelfth B/day

 Ethan requested going to Breakout Montgomery for his birthday.  We had one hour to solve lots of clues and breakout of the room with the Mona Lisa!  We completed the mission in 53:58 minutes!
 He invited the Michael's brothers over to spend the night. 
 We had lots of fun playing games!
They had a massive nerf war too!
On his actual birthday, he went to church camp a few hours away.  
I would call this twelfth birthday a success!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and Parsonage

Saturday, we visited Martin Luther King Jr.'s house.
 We had the BEST tour.  Our tour guide was amazing. 
 He included the boys and called them by name, and let them try items like a rotary phone. 
 The boys are standing on the spot that was bombed.  Most of the furniture in the house was original.  
 After touring the parsonage, we went by the church.  The ladies that were working let us pop upstairs and see the sanctuary.  We had such a great day visiting more Montgomery history! 

First Day of School

 Fourth Grade
Seventh Grade

Last Day Before School

 I took the boys to Rock-n-Jump for their last day before school.  It WORE them out!  
 They climbed and climbed and climbed!

Then they beat the mess out of each other.  These guys were exhausted when we left!