Friday, March 9, 2018

Monday, May 29, 2017

Ethan's Awards Ceremony

Ethan's school also had an honor's award ceremony this week.  
Ethan earned the Social Studies award. 
He also got the Spanish award, and the math award.  

He finished the ceremony by receiving an award for all A's!!
Nice job, Ethan!

Athletic Banquet

Ethan's school put on their very first athletic banquet.  

He got a soccer award and a scholar athlete award. 

We are super proud of this guy!

Harriott II Field Trip

Lincoln's class went on a riverboat cruise on the Harriott II.   
The cruise provided Chick Fila for lunch.  
After a few hiccups involving another's school lunch, we were off on the river.  

The kid's loved exploring the deck.  
We finished early and I checked out Link for the rest of the day! 
I have really enjoyed being able to go on his field trips this year! 


Marilyn came in for one last Alabama Hurrah!  On her last weekend, we decided to go to Birmingham to eat at Flip Burger.  We had few hours to kill before dinner so we tried Escape Train. 
AND....we escaped!!  We all had a great time!  Way to go Team!

Kickball Tournament

The fourth and fifth grade classes compete in a kickball tournament at the end of the year. 
 All of the classes have been practicing all year!
Lincoln has taken this very serious!
His poor class was first out in the tournament.  

He was very bummed, but everyone had a great time! 

Bowling and Blood Sugar

I went with Link's class on a bowling field trip.  Link started off happy and quickly turned so sad and upset.   I could not figure out why he was so upset until the pizza came!  He scarfed it down and miraculously he was much happier!  
Bowling and low blood sugar do not mix!