Sunday, August 23, 2015

Geneva and Jay's Wedding

The Leaps made a super fast weekend trip to San Antonio for Geneva and Jay's wedding.   We got in about 1:30 Friday night and left at 10:00 am Sunday morning.
The wedding was a costume wedding.  Love is Timeless.  
 They had a dessert competition for the reception.  This was a great idea!!!
We didn't plan it, but we were both from the 20s!
 We had a mini Our Lady of the Lake reunion!
 For the reception, they had a talent show.  The boys loved watching all the talent.  Their favorite was a Star Wars Song sung to the tune of Bye Bye Miss American Pie.  
 Sally and I talked throughout the talent show.....just like old time!  Talking in class!
 The gorgeous couple!  
 Jaycee telling jokes for her talent!
 Too cool for school!

 Geneva and Jay ended the night with the cutest dance!  I loved it!
Congratulations to you both!  Love you!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Middle School

I am not sure if you have heard that military kids are extremely resilient, but boy is it true!  Ethan started his fourth school in six years.  I get anxious just thinking about it.  In fact, on Thursday I worried about him all day.  Was he making friends?  Did he eat lunch with anyone?  Did he have a classmate on the bus?  
When he got home, I asked how his day was and he replied that it was great.  He talked to one boy in his class, but they didn't have the same lunch period and he didn't know anyone on the bus.  I was ok with that.  I gave him some pointers on finding someone at lunch and on the bus, but he blew me off.  It's day three and he met a kid at lunch and a kid on the bus.  He tells me school is great and he is fine!  
He also started youth group at church.  He doesn't know anyone at church.  They had a youth function Sunday night.  About half way through, Nate went to check on him.  He was sitting on the couch by himself.  When it was over, I went to get him and he didn't want to leave.  I asked if he met anyone and he said, "Not really."  I love that he is so independent.  I love that he is confident enough to not need someone with him all the time!  I don't know how he does it!  I would be a wreck!
He has grown so much this summer, and I couldn't be more proud of him!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Day of School

 The boys started Sixth Grade and Third Grade on Thursday.
 Nate took off and we took Ethan to school first.  He didn't want us to go with him, but I am so glad we did.  We got lost trying to find his class.  We were able to glance at his schedule and see what his typical day would look like.  I was able to leave with and not worry about him all day!  When he came home, he was all smiles!  He had a great day.
 Lincoln has two brand new teachers!  They were so friendly and sweet!  He wanted us to take him!  Ethan rides the bus to and from school.  His bus comes at 6:50!  CRAZY early!  Link has requested that I take him to school.  I get about an hour of Link time each morning and Ethan comes home about 45 minutes before Link, so I get some Ethan time in the afternoon.
This is Lincoln's second school and Ethan's fourth school.  I think it gets harder for me each move.  These two are so resilient though!  They are doing great!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Bass Pro Shop

What do you do when you are stir crazy from the heat and your body can't take another pool day?  You go to Bass Pro Shop!

 The guys were not too sure about this place when I was telling them about it.
 Their attitude changed as soon as they saw that they could shoot guns!
 We need to talk Daddy into taking us camping!  I think we found a  tent big enough?
 We definitely NEEDED this in Germany!

 The guys found a million things that they asked me to buy for them.  
These silly pillows were one of the things!
 They were zooming around the store so fast, so I told suggested a lunch break in the store.
 Ethan saw alligator and we all had to try it!
 We shared catfish, shrimp, and alligator!  Everything was so good!
 Lincoln saw this hat and told me to take a picture for Papa!  
We ended the trip with a few minutes of relaxing in the boats!
Overall, they were pleasantly surprised with Bass Pro Shop.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lincoln Happenings

I have been trying to keep track of a few funny Lincoln conversations lately.  This first one has to do with this outfit!!  Both boys are growing out of their clothes like crazy!  On Sunday morning, I told him that I was going to pick out his church clothes to make sure they fit.  He ran to his closet and said he wanted to at least help.  I pulled out the plaid shirt and he said he wanted a t-shirt for underneath.  Then, he told me he wasn't going to button it up because he thought it would look COOL!  He was so proud of his outfit!

On another silly note, he was watching TV one day.  He yells to the kitchen, "Ethan, keep it down!  I can't hear the TV!!"  Ethan says, "SERIOUSLY, I am making YOUR lunch!"  Link says, "Oh!  Carry on!"

In the car one evening, Link says, "Ethan, we must not be buttheads!"  Ethan rolls his eyes and says, "Link!!!  It's we must not butt heads!!!!"

He has kept us laughing all summer!

Middle School

Lincoln and I took Ethan to his Sixth Grade Orientation yesterday.  MIDDLE SCHOOL! Yikes!!!
I thought it was absolutely terrifying, but of course, he was FINE!  He starts school next Thursday and he doesn't want us to come in with him.  I know I am going to worry for nothing all day!