Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pitiful Pumpkin

Ethan decided on the way home that he wanted to carve his pumpkins tonight....all seven of them! We started with one before Nate got home, but quickly realized both boys were too cranky/tired for me to do this by myself. We got one done! Ethan drew the face and I carved it. Then, we read some books and sat on the couch. We listened to Link cry and whine until Nate got home. We decided to eat a quick dinner and then we would carve the pumpkins. That is when the meltdown started. Who would of thought that pasta with meatballs was torture. I finished my dinner and thought I was going to scream. I took Hunter for a LONG walk for sanity's sake. Nate took this video while I was gone. When I got back, both boys were in the bathtub and bed quickly followed. I guess the other six will have to be done tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My toddler: 18 months today!

The BLINKSTER turned 18 months old today! Jenn and Justin have a week and a half old baby. Watch out passes SO quickly. It's hard to believe 18 months ago we were bringing Link home. Just today Ethan and I were working on teaching him to sign and attempt to say "MY TURN". He just wants to screech and grab. I am having a hard time getting these two to share. They only want what each other has. We are getting there. Ethan and Link played chase for a good five minutes today. They were loving it. I can actually run downstairs for about 60 seconds and know that they will not kill each other. I can call each of them to "come here" now. I can take a shower with them both locked in the bathroom with me now. I can sit on the couch and read a chapter while they play. I can take Hunter out (glass door to watch them). I am beginning to be able to reheat food for dinner. Forget cooking----we are not quite there, yet. One of us usually ends up very frustrated (usually me). They are starting to both clean up. (Ethan has been doing this for a long time!) Lincoln has started sitting with Ethan and I for an entire book. Day by day it's getting easier and easier. Marilyn is coming Wednesday. I can't wait for her to see the difference just from August. Lincoln wasn't quite walking when she left. "He's not a baby anymore...he's a toddler." (Ethan quote) We love you Linky!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Steelers and Cookies

Hello....Mr. Tomlin, this is Lincoln Leap. Yes, I know it's Sunday and you have a big game....that's why I am calling. Could you make sure your Steeler mans win? My daddy would be really happy.
Linky, don't worry. Mommy made chocolate chip cookies.Hello...Mr. Tomlin, it's Lincoln Leap again. Thanks for trying. My mommy will have to send you some cookies.

PS...For those of you who have semi-kept up with looks like we might be turning a corner. He has not had any accidents in a long time. We even left him out for a couple hours both days this weekend and he did great!!! We don't know if it was the senior citizen food, the senior vitamins, or the arthritis medicine, but something is working!! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A gift for Mommy

Lincoln was playing with a Happy Birthday card. I asked Ethan if he knew whose birthday was next. When he found out it was my b/day next, I asked him what he was going to get me. He thought for a second and then said, "a big tunnel train." I said, "What if I don't want a train?". He said, "Do you want a train?". I said, "NO. I don't want a train." Then, he said, "Well, I'm not sending you anything, then."
Thanks Ethan!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Nate has been home before 4:00 two days in a row. The kids are sooo calm and happy when both parents are in the house! Nate got the playdough out and they played a good half hour with the playdough. Lincoln has to have his mouth open to concentrate. Ethan busted out with My Country Tis of Thee while he was concentrating on his creation. Then he moved onto the Pledge. TURN UP THE VOLUME!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Putting the pieces together

Yesterday I heard several snippets of things from Ethan that separate caused me no concern. For example, at dinner, "Mrs Christina makes us eat our sandwich first and I don't like that." Another one, "Mrs Mariam is nice." Then this morning, "Mrs. Christina told me I couldn't play with XYZ because he was being bad." XYZ is always in trouble so I didn't think twice.
Today when I picked him up, Mrs. Christina gave me the lowdown on what Ethan had done yesterday. She said she had to call his name constantly. After lunch they went to the bathroom and they have to be quiet because the toddlers (LINKY) were sleeping. E and XYZ started running and screaming. She asked FOUR times for him to be quiet. He didn't. She told him to go to timeout and he threw a fit on the floor. She told him she was going to tell his mommy. He yelled NO you're not going to tell her. Well....she did, BUDDY!
Can you believe that one of my angels would dare do such a thing? It only took eight weeks for her to see it! That's pretty good!

This is Link throwing his fit because he wants one of those da-das (horse above)
Ethan's horses are lined up for the hay ride. Pretty creative!!The pigs didn't get to go on the hayride.

Monday, October 20, 2008


This boy has learned to stand his ground! Today, he wanted Cheetos sooo bad at dinner! I put green beans on his plate and he refused to eat them. We all took turns eating green beans and cheetos! He screamed and screamed, but he wouldn't budge! No green Beans and NO cheetos!

Then, he wanted help opening his Mickey Mouse house, but he refused to ask for help!

Then, he wanted to play Ethan's game. Let's just say, Ethan was not that thrilled!
This little boy is becoming STRONG WILLED!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quotes from the weekend

Mommy, you're the boss. Not Daddy, Linky, or even me.
Bucky and Earl just pushed me out of my chair.
I have an idea, we could just eat at Subway.
(at Petsmart) I just need to look at that cat's face to make it stop crying.
(after he crashed on his bike) This is not gonna be fun.
E: I am Steeler man. Me: What does a Steeler man do E: Whatever they want.
(Playing with Lincoln under the blanket)Me: Be careful. E: I'm just being a ghost.
Daddy do you want to wear your 7 shirt (Steeler shirt)
(playing with imaginary friend Jeffrey) Jeffrey, can I bring my toddler to your house?

This is the only one of them together. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday morning golf lessons

This morning Daddy and the boys had some fun playing the new golf game Memaw and Pappy got E for his b/day.
You gotta love the hat! He put in on himself!
This is his Tiger fistpump!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet as Pumpkin Pie

This morning, my eldest son, did not want to wake up!!! I went in to say hello and hopefully get him rolling. He said in his sweetest voice, "Mom, will you snuggle me for a little bit?". How can anyone resist that! So, I layed down and he held my hand and put his arm around me. A few minutes later, I tried to get up and he put me in a headlock and said, "NO--just a little longer." I pried myself out of his grip and told him we better get moving!
At daycare, he gave me two hugs and a big kiss! When I picked him up, he was not as lovey, but still in a mommy mood. He actually said he didn't want daddy to come home because he was not his best friend. That NEVER happens! Daddy is always his favorite!
The Cerminaros had sent him a b/day gift and it arrived today! They sent a Cordoroy bear for E and Link, three Cordoroy books, and a Cordoroy sticker book. We read each one and did most of the stickers. The last one we read was a Thanksgiving book. On the first page Cordoroy makes a pie. Ethan got the cutest grin on his face and said, "Mom, we should make a Pumpkin Pie." I don't know about you but I could never, ever resist Pumpkin PIE! after dinner, we made a stop at the grocery store for Pumpkin Pie. It takes an hour to cook and two hours to cool, so we are having it for breakfast! He settled for Reece's for dessert....Daddy's favorite!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


You might think this word stands for Daddy....and you would be right. It also stands for dog, elephant, zebra, and every other animal you would see. It also stands for Mama, Ethan, Hunter, and any other person he knows. He uses it when he asks for a drink, a toy, or help. He uses it when he wants book, a toy, or food. Just in case you are wondering....Da-Da is Lincoln's word!!! He can say no. He says Doggie every time he sees a dog. I have heard him say Tiger (Ti). He can say bus and a couple of more words....for some reason Da-Da is his word of choice.

by the way....we have ear infections! lovely!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My kids

This past week, when Ethan tells a story about school, he refers to the kids in his class as "my kids."
Examples: My kids are in the cafeteria, My kids rode the bus with me, My kids saw my brother at lunch.

The Linkster is sick AGAIN!! That kid has had a hard time these past few weeks. I am going to try to get him into the doctor tomorrow. They post acute care appointments at 6:00 am! Cross your fingers that we can get him in!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good try Daddy.

Yesterday, I spent TWO hours going through each boy's drawers pulling fall/winter clothes out and making sure everything was the right size. Each night, while Nate gives the boys a bath, I get jammies and clothes for the next day out. Somehow, I missed what they were wearing to bed. Apparently, Nate got their outfits mixed up. I had staff meeting this afternoon until 4:30. Nate picked the boys up, cooked dinner, and cleaned up dinner. Then we went out to play! Uncle Jer got Ethan a new tricycle. He can ride it the whole way without needing a push to get going! He loves it! After the ride, Daddy played tag with the boys! It was a fun night!

Monday, October 13, 2008

That's my joke

At the grocery store checkout stand....

Ethan: That looks like Mar (pointing at the magazines)
Me: That one?? (SELF magazine-girl in a pink sports bra)
Ethan: No....that one.
Me: That one?? (People Magazine-Paul Newman)
Ethan: NO that one.
Me: Ethan that is a dog (Benji looking dog with red sunglasses)
Ethan: Yes, his glasses are like Mar's!

Once we got to the car, I had to call Mar and tell her. We were both cracking up on the phone and Ethan says, "Mom, that was my joke!"
***Pictures from the pumpkin patch***

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was glorious! MeMaw and Pappy took the boys to the zoo yesterday morning and Nate and I had an entire day to ourselves. We ran lots of errands and went out to dinner with some friends. It was so needed!
Today, we all went to the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was about 40 minutes away according to Mapquest. However, the pumpkin patch was just like anything else in Northern Virginia....CROWDED. We were exactly one mile from the gate and traffic stopped. It took thirty minutes to make the mile. This patch was unlike anything we had ever seen. There were animals, 5 slides, live music, hayrides, and food. It was fun. I remember last year when we took the boys they were bundled up in about three layers of clothes. Today, we all wished we had worn shorts.

Everyone was sunburned by the time we left. They had the biggest pumpkins I had ever seen. They were selling them for 59 cents a pound. Yes, that one is $66!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday....part TWO

MeMaw and Pappy arrived Thursday night. They got Ethan a V-Motion video game system, which was a huge hit!! He had seen one at Target and had played with the controller. He started opening the games and the fourth game was the Thomas game. Once he opened it up, he laughed and said, "I was worried there wasn't a Thomas game." It was cute!
Lincoln loved the game system, too!Tonight, we had cake and he opened his big wheel bike. Bob and Nate worked quickly to put it together before dark. Ethan decided to help. He grabbed the handlebars and said, "Daddy, I'll do this part because I am smart enough." He's modest, too! His legs are a little too short for the bike, but thankfully Uncle Jer got him a radio flyer tricycle. He is going to ride it tomorrow. This is cake number two.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Three little pumpkins sitting on a gate

Three little pumpkins sitting on a gate (couch)
The first one said, "Oh my it's getting late."
The second one said, "There are witches in the air."
The third one said, "But we don't care."
Oooohhh went the wind and out went the lights
and the three little pumpkins rolled out of sight. (to bed)
***adapted from Five Little Pumpkins--Daddy had to take the picture and Hunter was too lazy***
Thanks for the Halloween blankets Mar! I love HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, ETHAN

This was a TRAIN birthday! Ethan got motorized trains, wooden trains, train books, and train cards. My friends, Shelley and Darcy came. They brought an ice cream cakes and two gifts. Ethan enjoyed showing off for them! I am keeping this short because we have lots of toys to put together and clean up! Happy Birthday Ethan!
Stay tuned for b/day part two which occurs once Memaw and Pappy get here on Thursday!
oh...Marilyn got him the traditional Arnold gift...UNDERWEAR.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Four years ago today....

we came home and were both from being pregnant, Nate from a hard day at work. We had leftover Taco's waiting to be heated up, but I wanted to nap first. We both crammed onto the couch and I started watching Judge Judy. We dozed off and I felt like I needed to pee. I stood up and was wet. I was confused....Ethan was not due for 4 1/2 more weeks. This is weird. I called over to Nate and he said, "it's nothing you probably peed on yourself." HA....I don't think so. We called the hospital and they said, "get in here." The entire ride I said...NO WAY is this baby coming today. Little did we know he had his own plan. He hasn't changed a bit!

This morning Nate said, "Man, I wish we could take off for his birthday." This afternoon I noticed Lincoln had a fever. The poor little man has been sick all afternoon. He has thrown up twice. I guess Nate is going to get his wish. I know that is not what he was imagining, but it will have to do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I have to get big, Mommy

After we left the grocery store, I put Ethan in the car and gave him a big HUG. I told him, you have to stay little forever....Mommy loves her little babies. Ethan says, "No Mommy, I have to get big so I can go to work with Daddy." In the car, I asked him when he was going to be able to go to work with Daddy. He said when he was six. :) I said, "well you need to stay little and live with Mommy and Daddy forever." Nate, quickly said, "No, he needs to get big and get married and have babies." Ethan said, "No, I don't want babies. I will live with you Mommy."
Behind him is his birthday cake. He pulls a candle off for every day. He only has TWO more days until he is can that happen???

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday work day?

We decided to TRY to make today a fun day. The only thing on the agenda was getting Hunter to the vet. We took him to an animal clinic that did not have appointments. We were there for TWO hours and spent 246$. They did a complete blood and urine workup. I know it is the right thing to do, but I am telling you that dog is FINE. He is just adjusting to the new place. I will be shocked if anything comes back on him, but we will find out next Friday. The doc told Nate, "If it's bad we'll call you...if not call us Friday." It was funny. The boys were EXCELLENT at the doctor. Lincoln was in heaven seeing all the dogs.
Once we left there we took a picnic to my school and played on the playground. The playground is amazing. They have four separate play sets, swings, three climbing walls, three kinds of monkey bars. They also have that cushy flooring in case of falls. It is really nice. They boys played HARD. Of course, I didn't bring my camera.
After naps, we decided to go see Nate's work. I did take my camera this time. I know that a lot of people have wondered where he works. This is his building.
Here is a picture of the pentagon. It's approximately 1.5 miles from his office.
Arlington Cemetary is between the two. After driving around his work, we ate at Ledo's pizza. It was pretty good. The waitress flirted with Lincoln the whole time. We thought she was gonna kiss him by the end of the meal...we got out there before that would happen. The little hispanic ladies around here love him. They all like kissing him on the lips...ughh!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Balancing Act

Tonight before bed, while doing puzzles, Lincoln pulled the step stool over. Nate and I noticed he was trying to stand on it. The little goober did it on his own and was so proud of himself. He did it about 10 times again.