Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 3 Scotland

I really wanted to go to the Culloden Battlefield.  It was another important part of the books that I love! 
The visitor center gave the boys a scavenger hunt.  So, Nate and I were able to read the information while they scouted out their clues!
The field had red flags in a line for the British soldiers and blue flags in a line for the Scottish soldiers.  They were so far apart!  It really shocked all of us seeing how far apart they were, yet so many died.
Clan Fraser's stone!  Outlander fans had left many rocks and flowers.  
Culloden Cairn.  
Stone for the British who died.  
About a mile down the road are the Clava Cairns.  These are burial cairns from about 4000 BC. 
On the winter's solstice, light comes directly down this entrance. 
While Nate was looking around, the monkeys started climbing trees!  
Next stop, Loch Ness!  I was super excited to find Nessie.  We stopped at the Nessie Exhibition.
We watched about 30 minutes of information about Nessie.  
They were not convinced that she existed after watching the videos.  
We drove down the coast of the lake.  We had a gorgeous weather day!
We stopped at Castle Urquhart.  
It was HOT!  
We had a few hours to go before stopping in Dumbarton, 
so we took a few pictures and went on our way.
We had some amazing views on our drive. 
We've since read that our drive down A82 is one of the top 20 drives in the world.  
It was very windy!  
There was NOTHING for miles and miles.  It looked like the moon!

We stopped in Dumbarton off of Loch Lomond for the night.

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