Monday, June 23, 2014

Aja and Blair's Wedding

Amanda and I were dates for Aja and Blair's wedding!
I loved seeing our John Adam's girls at the wedding!
 I was so excited to see Aja's mom, Andrea!  
 She made everyone cry with her speech to Aja and Blair!
I love this picture of Blair and his mother!

 We had fun making silly faces while Blair and Aja were dancing!

 I had to get a picture of her in her party dress!
 Her bridesmaids has some fierce shoes!!  
I love these two!  Congratulations!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

 We went to Lichtenstein, Germany for the weekend.  This is the view from our hotel.  
 This castle has been on my to do list for two years now!  It did not disappoint!
 Our hotel is a speck down there!
 We had a few minutes before our tour started so we decided to wander the castle grounds.  

 We really wanted to go inside the castle.  The only way in was on a German tour.  We have no clue what they were saying, but we were able to see the rooms!
 Our whole tour took about an hour.  We walked around a bit and headed out to our next castle.
                                           Schloss Hohenzollern was about forty minutes away.  
 We had a twenty minute hike up stairs/hill.  
 We made it!  

 The views were amazing!

 We visited the casemates before our tour started.  
 Our tour was in German again.  So, we smiled and looked at the rooms.  
We all had to wear BIG slippers on the tour.  Link found a king's robe to wear.  
 Schnitzel and pommes.  Link is giving Nate a look.  I think he lost some video game time here.  
We spent many more hours here.  Then, we were off to the Barenhohle.  
 The Barenhohle is a huge cave!  They found bear bones in the cave.  

 It was a chilly 45 degrees in the cave.  
 This cave had tons of stalactites and stalagmites.  
 Here is the bear bones.  Scientists think this cave is over a million years old.  
 We ended the day at a rodelbahn (bobsled).  
 The daredevil, Link, rode with Nate and my conservative boy rode with me!
 Fresh water trout back at the hotel!  Yummy!
 We picked Marilyn up from Frankfurt today.  So, on the way we stopped in Karlsruhe to see the palace.  Nate has had this place on his list for two years!  It was such a bummer to see the whole place under scaffolding!
 Sorry Nate!
We stopped at Chipotle and Starbucks for a taste of home.  We haven't had Chipotle in two years!  After lunch we quickly drove through Frankfurt and saw the downtown and this town from the 13th century!  This weekend was awesome!  We did a lot, but it was a fun laid back weekend too!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Week of School

 Lincoln's class put on an end of the year celebration on Tuesday.  
 Each kid answered four questions.  1.  What did you learn?  2.  What was your favorite part? 3.  What would you have done differently?  4.  What would you like to learn in second grade?  
 Lincoln and Ms. Smith.
 Today, the kids had a half day of school.  The morning was all fun!  They had a pep rally in the cafeteria.  When I arrived, the teachers were competing in tug-of-war.  
 There was lots of dancing!!!
 I can't get enough of these two!  
 These two are a little too cool for me!
 The conga line!
 Once again, Lincoln pied Ms. Hudnall in the face!
 He enjoyed this too much!

I am so excited to spend this summer with them!!