Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weather Predictors

We knew that it was going to rain sometime today. So, we got on and found out that our best chance to get to the pool today was from 12-2. The last five times we have gone to the pool it has been sunny and then overcast once we get there. Today we were able to eat our lunch in the sun and then play in the water for about 15 minutes. Thank goodness for us there is a playground there. Ethan was able to slide until it was time to go home.
Notice the black clouds in the background!
Carbon Copies Lincoln has been calling Nate "D"
Ethan has become so much braver this summerHe is sooo close to walking

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another tough week!

Tell me this is a phase. Our three year old is definitely trying! Let's start with yesterday at Dewey's Pizza---he wouldn't sit on his bottom and I lost count of how many times Nate had to tell him, "SIT DOWN." So, after the bazillionth time Ethan held his hand up to Nate and said, "Daddy, just settle...settle...settle!" This was one time I couldn't contain the laughter.
Today, he told me to be patient...I don't even know what it was about.
The worse one was today. It wasn't even funny. He has been asking for his Geo Traxx train all week and I told him on Saturday when Daddy was home he may be able to get it. So, last night Nate brought it up for him and he was so excited this morning when he came down to play with it. Nate was on the phone with his dad and I was playing with a train. He took my train off the track and told me it was Daddy's. We have been really working on sharing. I told him to go to time-out. He screams, I told him to go to his room. He got the remote and thankfully threw it at the mantle and not at one of us. He hit a vase and knocked it off. He completely lost it! sad as it was (NOT) that darn train went to the basement where it belongs....well, until he learns to be nice little boy! Tell me that it happens soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two things!

Today we went to the playground on base and then back to the Air Force Museum. The AF museum went much smoother. We were able to quickly find the four things he wanted to see. He actually asked if we could look at some planes. Imagine that...we looked at stuff! Before we went to the museum we checked out the playground on base. I wanted to get there before it got too hot to do the slides. Unfortunately the slides were wet. It was a really good playground. It had mulch on the ground instead of miniscule rocks that Lincoln likes to put in his mouth when I turn my head! He's not a fan of the mulch...he spits it out on his must taste like vegetables (he spits those out, too)
On the way to the AF museum, Ethan said, "Oooh Mommy we're doing two things!"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rough Housing




Mommy....he's cleaning again!

Well...I got my camera out today. So, there are a lot of pictures and lots of stories.
The first one was after dinner today. Ethan and Lincoln and I were dancing around the living room and we wanted Nate to play with us. I noticed he was not in the living room, so I called for him and told him to stop cleaning and come play. He said he needed to finish one thing and we would be there. So, we finished dancing to the song and Ethan noticed that Nate was wiping off the table. Ethan yells, "Mommy he's cleaning again!" Nate called him a trader.
It rained this afternoon and we were all bummed that we couldn't go to the pool. It stopped raining and we needed to get these munchkins outside. So we all went out to play under the patio. Lincoln spilled bubbles on himself and he crawled in the wet grass. These are pictures of his dirty little body! We also went on a walk to the playground with the Cerms. Ethan climbed up a HUGE moutain of rocks and jumped into a puddle. I was such a proud Momma. He is such a little chicken. I was so happy he climbed up by himself.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mommy...are the "kids" going?

I searched the net last night for something....anything...we could do today. I found a children's science museum, COSI, in Columbus. I emailed Amy last night and she wrote back that the "kids" were sick. So, I couldn't decide if we wanted to go or not. When I asked Ethan, he just said, "are the kids going?" When I told him no he said, "let's just go to the playground." So, about 8:30 Amy called and they wanted to go. We loaded FIVE carseats in the car and took off to Columbus. It was great. We actually only made it to the equivalent of one floor. We are definitely going to have to go back.
Then tonight we got ready for the pool. Again, Ethan said, "Are the kids going?"
When we pulled out of the driveway, they had just pulled out as well. I am sooo in denial about moving. I don't even want to think about how sad we are all going to be that the "kids" are not going to be next door ready to go wherever and whenever!
Maybe we can put all five carseats in the car and take them to Virginia with us!
PS....sorry no pictures from today-I forgot my camera both times....This is an OLD picture from last summer.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Did I lose my movie?

Tonight, after playing outside with the Cerm's, we told Ethan it was time to go in. Of course, he throws his usual screaming fit. So, I took a book away (he reads two books before bed.) Then he SCREEEAAAMMMMS "NOOOOOOO!" So I said..."that's it no books." He walks over and slaps me on the leg. It actually stung and he left three finger prints. Nate took him up and told him he had to go straight to bed after bath. He turns, looks at me, and says, "Did I lose my movie?" HAHHA!!! funny!

On a happier note...Nate and I spent Saturday doing fun stuff all by ourselves. We went to Whole Foods in Mason. Nate bought me these rose for 12.99$ THEY are GORGEOUS! They may be the prettiest roses I have ever seen.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

for Molly

I finished my painting tonight. Molly told me I should put it on my here ya go!

Playing in God's Big Backyard

Ethan and I finished up Vacation Bible School last night. He had a WONDERFUL time. I loved watching him play and learn this week, however, sixteen three year olds from 5:30-8:30 can really, really, really wear you down! I told Nate if you can imagine my work day crammed into three hours, that is what it's like. I truly understand the saying "It's like herding cats." My favorite thing the entire week was Wednesday night during music time. Each song had motions to go along with it. I look over and Ethan is right in the front middle. Everyone is doing the motions and Ethan is playing the air guitar to God's Big Backyard. I could only think...yes, Baby, you are exactly like your Daddy!
MeMaw and Pappy came in Thursday night. They took both boys to the train in Lebanon today while Nate and I had a kidless day! :) The following are some pictures Bob took of the them!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jammer Day

Today we had our first Jammer Day! It's hard to believe that we have been off for almost three weeks and we have not had a Jammer Day, yet! I just put them both down to nap in their pajamas. Ethan and I do have to change later. We are off to our fourth night of Vacation Bible School. It is taking it's toll on our man. I had to wake them both up at 9:00 this morning. Then, he asked for nap around one.
The following pictures are from a hilarious breakfast. I had to spoon feed Ethan because he wanted to stay in his pajamas and he was afraid he would get milk on them. So, when we finished, he drank the milk from his bowl. He would peak his eyes out at Link and Link would crack up laughing. It was hysterical!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around

So, we started Vacation Bible School this week and Amy has these pinwheels to mark each grade. They actually started a mini fight the first night. Everyone wanted to hold them....SO on Tuesday we had to go get two of our own. I am sooo glad we got two because Ethan has already broken one.

"Mommy, we can certainly spin these outside."

On another note...since I saw these I can't get this song out of my head. Anyone remember it?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I sure hope that Nate had a Happy Father's Day weekend! We were busy! Saturday we gave him gifts then we went to the pool. Sunday we all went to church together and took a nice long nap! We went back to the pool. Ethan is getting so much more comfortable in the water. Nate was able to take him to the big pool while I chased our little Binky all around the pool chairs.
Happy Father's Day, NATE!
We love you!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Words

Lincoln is saying more and more everyday. Nate and I were counting them up last Sunday on the way to church and we came up with ten. He's added three this week.
1. Hi
2. No
3. Yeah
4. Cracker
5. Milk
6. More
7. Bye
8. Daddy
9. Mama
10. Ethan
11. Hunter
12. All Done
13. Book

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dogs!

There are too funny stories regarding these small dollar store dogs. The first one occured like this:

Me: Ethan, why are you lining those dogs up?"

Ethan: "Well, I am putting them in their grass so they can poop and pee. A LOT"

The next occured while Ethan was putting a puzzle together. Lincoln wanted a piece of the puzzle. Ethan told him sternly, "NO, Linky!" So, Lincoln went over to the dogs, grabbed one, and crawled over to Ethan. Then he made the funniest face, held the dog up to Ethan, and punched him in the arm. Ethan and I were in shock because he had never hit anyone before. Ethan looked at me and said, "I think Linky just hit me." Yes, he did buddy. I am sure it won't be the first time either.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what a great friend!

Quote from Ethan:

"Hey Gabin (Gavin), come here so I can try NOT to poke you!

(he's holding a stick horse)


For all of you who have been following our two month saga with Lincoln's height and weight....after four sets of labs....countless doctor's appointments....and one visit to the Endocrinologist...everything turned out FINE. I guess we just had a short time period where he was being his usual stinker self and not growing. We are getting back on track. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts!
HE LOVED THESE NOODLES----he ate a whole plate!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Children's Museum

The Children's Museum was so much more fun for me today than the Air Force Museum! Lincoln had a great time. He was able to crawl all around! When I asked Ethan if he had a good time, he said, "well, there weren't any planes." Of course, he liked the free one better! Both boys were exhausted by the time we got home at noon. Lincoln tried to fall asleep in the car (Ethan and I wouldn't let him), and Ethan asked if he could lay on the couch once he got home. They both took GREAT naps today! So, my vote was for the Children's Museum!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I wonder what fun things Mom's of girls do?

Mom's of boys go to the Air Force Museum.
After walking through half of the museum, I finally figured out what he wanted to do. He asked about ten times, "Can we go in this one?" Finally, I got the hint and asked a worker where are the planes that you can get in were. He laughed and pointed me to the planes. I got pictures of two. I didn't get a picture of "Pappy's plane" because I bonked Lincoln in the head with the camera. I decided I had enough pictures! We had to go in "Pappy's plane" two times!

He fell in love with this plane! When I noticed a line of men lined up to look at this plane, I had to drag him out of it. (I don't know why those guys couldn't of let the little kid enjoy it a little longer...there were only 500 other planes to look at!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I just won't allow myself to believe....

...that when you are three and a half you could get so mad that you scream "NO--I don't want to" when I ask you to do something as simple as get your clothes on. It's impossible to think that when are three and a half you will hit and kick me when I start dressing you because you have screamed and refused to do it yourself. It's inconceivable to imagine that when you are three and a half you will have to be carried to your room half naked (waist down) kicking and screaming because you have just kicked and hit me. It is unthinkable that when you are three and a half you would ever pee on your bed because "I was mad" because Mommy made me get off the computer and get dressed for church.
OH LINCOLN...I pray that when you are three and half you stay just as sweet and cute as you are today!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday at the Greene

Today we went to the Greene Mall. The pictures say it all!

The train table is so much fun.

This is as far as I will go.

Ok...maybe a little closer!

Yeah...I can finally touch the water...but don't make me go any closer!
"Mommy, I am tired. I am going to stand on the front of the stroller and torture my brother while you try to push this stupid thing back to the car."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

nap conversation

Ethan: Mommy you know how much I love you? Everything!

Me: What did you dream about?

Ethan: God

Me: What did he look like?

Ethan: A circle moon.

Me: What did he say to you?

Ethan: I don't know. (pause) Oh...he told me to go to the beach.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday morning breakfast talk

As incentive to keep a dry pull-up, I offered Ethan a lemon drop last night. When he woke up stinking of pee, the first thing he said was, "Mommy, I kept a dry pull-up." I busted out laughing. Then we go down for breakfast. I asked a stupid question, "What do you want for breakfast?" He, without missing a beat, said "crackers and cheetos." I told him we could have cheetos at lunch. So, he says, "crackers and cheese." I said "we'll have that for a snack." Then he says, "ok chicken nuggets and french fries." That's when I said..."ok here are your choices...."
So....while I was making his poptart, he was sitting at the table with his wooden firetruck and people. He says, "Mommy look at my fire kitty." I said, "Don't you think that is a Dalmation. Dalmations are fire dogs." He said, "Oh yeah. It's a dalmation fire kitty." He cracks me up!!