Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dingle Peninsula

 YES!  We woke up to beautiful weather on Saturday!  
We got an early start and hit the Dingle Peninsula.  
 We stopped along the way at different sites.  Our first was an ancient fort.  We payed 8 euro to stand and look over a gate at the fort.  We should have driven past this stop!  
 The next stop was one of the potato famine houses.  The inside depicted the poor way the people lived. It was really sad.  
 This is a view on the way down the hill from the potato famine house. 
 We also stopped to look at the beehive houses.  They are ancient stone houses. 
 Nate did some crazy climbing.   The boys saw him and begged to climb down too!  No way fellas!!
 We were super excited for the views and they did not disappoint. 
 At this stop, I found a nice rock and took a break.  
 The guys took a hike up to these rocks while I enjoyed the views!
 After a quick lunch at a pub, we stopped at an old church.  
This stone had a thumb hole used to "seal deals."  

 We finished Dingle and drove over to Conor's Pass.  
We were apprehensive because we heard that the rode is TINY!
 We came up to this view and were amazed!  
 THEN, we started down!  Thankfully, the truck in front of us stopped and waited for the oncoming cars to come before starting down.  
 The views going down were also fabulous!
 This guy told us hello!
 We decided to have dinner in Tralee.  
We had some time to kill before dinner, so we stopped at a rose garden.  
I spotted a playground and told the boys to head over.  They ran over and then came right back.  Ethan said the gate was locked.  I thought he was mistaken because it was packed with kids and parents.   Sure enough, signs were posted DO NOT ENTER!  DANGER!!!  THINK SAFTEY!  We stopped for a second and then saw that there was one spot under construction.  We told them to stay away from that spot and go climb over the fence.  Link REFUSED!!!!  Nate picked him up and he grabbed onto Nate's leg.  It was hilarious.  A little Irish Granny and I laughed and laughed and him!  He finally went over and had fun! 

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