Monday, July 28, 2014

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Leaps started their Scotland/Ireland Roadtrip in Edinburgh, Scotland.  
Our first stop was Edinburgh Castle.  We enjoyed amazing views from the castle.  
We were able to get an idea of how far we were going to walk that day.  
The boys loved having the audio guide for the tour.   In this great hall, you can see a square in the wall.  That's where the King would spy on people in the hall. The tour had great tidbits of information.  

Right out of castle was the Royal Mile.  It's filled with souvenir shops, clothing shops, and yummy candy stores!   Nate found some fudge that he can't stop dreaming about.  
We stopped in a tartan stop and saw how the tartan fabric is made.  
I couldn't get him to buy it!  
Lincoln found his Pirates of the Caribbean Shop.  
At the end of the Royal Mile is Holyrood Palace.  
It's the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland.  
We took another audio tour of the palace rooms.  
While I was looking at sweaters in a shop, a store clerk told the boys about a Children's Science Museum called Dynamic Earth.  We finished touring everything we wanted fairly early, so we spent a couple hours in Dynamic Earth.  Nate and I were able to get in two naps during a few brief videos!
We stopped in a Scotch store.  Nate bought two tiny bottles and quickly learned he didn't like Scotch.

This store cracked me up!  We saw another one in Dublin.  
Edinburgh was a success!  

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