Sunday, May 22, 2016

Upwards Soccer End of Season

 Nate and I finished our first and only coaching season yesterday.  ;)
We had a great season and we had the dream team! They were all amazing!  

Glow Dance

 We had the last dance of the year on Friday night.  This is where you saw Ethan most of the night.....except when he was asking us for snack money.
 This is where you saw Nate the entire night.  
 Nate and I ran the photo booth again this dance.  Kids brought us their phones and we took pix of them in front of the backdrop.  
 My cute kid!

 My LADIES!  We worked super hard making this dance a success!

Bretz Commissioning

 On Friday, Nate commissioned Brent Bretz.  
Brent worked at the college with Nate and recently went to OTS.  
 This was my first commissioning ceremony since Nate was commissioned before I met him.  
It was very cool and I got to spend a couple hours with my guy on a Friday morning!

6th Grade Awards

 My hard work paid off this year.   I mean ETHAN's hard work paid off this year.  He was honored at the 6th grade awards ceremony this past week.  
 He was awarded the Spanish award and the English award.  
I was super excited to see him get the all A's award!  Only 8 students from the 6th grade got all A's!  I am praying that next year he will remember how it felt for all his hard work to pay off, and we will have fewer homework battles!!!

Zach's B/day Party

 Ethan's friend Zach had his 12th bday this past week.  He was AMAZING and invited Link too!
Montgomery just got a new trampoline park.  They boys had the best time.
I loved watching my two guys jousting.
Link was victorious.

He advanced to the finale with Zach and lost to the b/day boy!  

Ethan's Field Day

 I enlisted Ethan to help me move drinks and chips to the PTA room for his field day.  As he was helping, some 8th graders volunteered to help.  Ethan and I both agreed that they would be very helpful in lifting those gatorade cases.  
 Just that morning, I thought about how big Ethan is getting.  That thought quickly went out the window when I saw him next to these big 8th grade guys!
 Our 8 volunteer PTA ladies took a deep breath when we saw this crowd of kids coming at us for snacks!
I was able to stop for a minute and snap a quick picture of my guy having fun!  It went by so fast and I was so busy.  I think everyone had a good time!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Middle School Haircut

This dude has gone WEEKS without a haircut.  He says he wants to grow it out, but I think he just doesn't want to go to get it cut.  I had enough last week and made an appointment to see my hair stylist.  She asked what we wanted and I told her we need a middle school haircut.  She accepted the challenge and succeeded!  We both LOVE it!!  
The following day he received his yearbook and we found out he won an art contest for the Jubilee Race for Cancer. It comes with $50 check!  He was beyond thrilled.  He told me he thinks that the new haircut is good luck!  

2016 Blount Field Day

 Lincoln's school had their field day a few Friday's ago.  
I had so much fun following his class from station to station.
 Lincoln is so competitive.  He put his all in each activity.
The potato sack race was my favorite race to watch!

Lincoln's 9th Bday

Lincoln opted for a sleepover with two friends.  Happy B/day LINK!