Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Ethan had the BEST field trip today.  They went to Idar Oberstein where the church in the rock is.  Lincoln had a pumpkin day at school and I was able to join him!  
It was super fun....but I forgot my camera.
 Since the Germans don't really do Trick or Treating, we went to the base for Halloween.  
 Nate and my friend Elizabeth's husband had to work and were not able to go, so we joined forces and went together!
 We saw quite a few Wolverines but none that made as many crazy poses!
 Every time I got my camera out....a pose!
 Poor Emma was the only girl in the group.  However, strangers thought she was so 
cute and would put candy in her bucket!  
 By about six the crowds were picking up.  
Lincoln was D-O-N-E and let everyone know that he was done!
We stopped to take a break and the as you can see Link was beat!  
It also didn't help that he woke up so excited for the day at 5:00 AM!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 On Saturday we were in Pottery HEAVEN!!!!!  
The little town we were in had pottery everywhere.  The restaurant we ate at served Justin's wine in a little ceramic pitcher.  The bathroom door placards were pottery.  The walls were decorated with  unique ceramic pieces.  It was everywhere!
 These are two of the pieces I bought! I love them!  This one can be used as a baking dish or server!
This bowl is going to be used for a veggie bowl!  I see lots of green beans in his future!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Strasbourg and Soufflenheim France

We got our first snow today!  We had a trip to France planned and the 
weather was not going to stop us!
 Strasbourg has their own Notre Dame.  It took over 400 years to build!
 It was so cold.  The boys and I sat and looked at the stained glass windows and the beautiful columns while Nate, Justin, and Emily explored the cathedral.
 We were just beginning to thaw out!
 Crazy hat hair!
 We had about a fifteen minute walk to Le Petite, a really cute area with canals.  

It was so pretty!

Here's my famous self-timer picture of the whole gang!
 On our walk back to the car, we stopped for some French treats.
 We left with truffles, chocolate, and macaroons.  
After Strasbourg, we stopped in Soufflenheim for some French pottery!  
The little village is lined with artisan pottery.  Each shop had its own signature designs.  We scored here and I would definitely go back!  

Friday, October 26, 2012

PE Club

 Every Wednesday, Ethan goes to PE club after school.
 Nate usually picks him up and then meets Link and me at soccer practice.  This week, I picked him up and I was able to snap some pictures of them playing a game.
 When I asked him what they were playing, he could barely explain it and according to Nate that happens every week.  They play odd games Ethan can't explain it to us.....but he LOVES it!
He leaves there sweaty and red faced and that is all that I care about!  Soccer ended this week, so we won't have to rush the sweaty boy to soccer practice anymore!
(BTW it was backwards shirt day)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Commissary Field Trip

 Ethan's class had a walking field trip to the commissary today for Mrs. Obama's Let's Move Campaign!
 The kids paired up and compared nutritional labels. 
 My group of boys compared cereals, ice cream and yogurt, and finally skim milk, whole milk, and chocolate milk.  
Next week the group is going to the mineral museum in Idar-Oberstein.  I am very jealous.  Before I knew the date, I signed up to do a pumpkin project in Kindergarten!  Third grade is very fun!  Ethan is loving it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 We went with some friends to a restaurant in a neighboring village Saturday evening!
 This restaurant is in the most beautiful location.  It overlooks miles and miles of Germany!
 The views are breathtaking.  The food is ok, but everyone goes for the views!
 We ate outside and the boys kept running down to look at the cows.  
 Ethan threw his paper airplane right near the cows and as we took this picture a cow ate it!
 One huge downside of this restaurant is that the service is S-L-O-W....and by slow I mean HOURS slow!  
 We arrived at 4:00 and left at sunset.....6:45!
On the drive home, we drove to see the sheep!  Lincoln asked if we thought if David lived down there! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last soccer game of 2012

Ethan and Lincoln had their last soccer games today! 
Ethan's team took team pictures today.  My favorite was their silly face picture!!!
Ethan played first.  There was a little too much sun for Lincoln to see his DS, so he hid under his sweatshirt for better light...or lack there of!
Ethan's team played so well today!  Ethan scored another goal and was thrilled!
His team has been really fun to watch this year.  They have really learned a lot!
Lincoln played his favorite position today...goalie! 

 It was a great season, but this Momma is ready for some basketball!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

St. Avold and Metz, France

 The boys had a teacher workday today, so Nate took a day off and we headed to France.  Our first stop was to the American cemetery in St. Avold.  This is the largest American cemetery in Europe.
 All the graves were of Americans who died in World War II.
 There are almost 10, 500 graves here.  It looked like a mini Arlington cemetery.
Next stop was Metz, France.  This is the cathedral in the heart of the city.  
 We were all STARVING and stopped at a really cool cafe right near the cathedral.  It may have been the best meal we have had in Europe.  Salad, ratatouille, baked potato with homemade sour cream and chives, and grilled chicken with tomato basil sauce.  The sauce was so delicious.  It tasted like La Madeleine's tomato basil soup.   Once I finished my chicken, I sopped up the sauce with their homemade rolls!  
 Nate got the salmon with a bearnaise sauce.  He was in agreement that these meals were amazing.  The boys got pizza and we took a bite once we finished our meals.  Their pizza was also amazing.
 After lunch, we went into the cathedral.  The ceilings in this place we so high!  There were so many stained glass windows.  It was a really pretty place.
 An organ was playing and Ethan said, "Hey, it sounds like Hogwarts in here!" 
 As we left we walked down the streets and saw a little bit more of the city.   There were a few play toys in this courtyard.  The boys RAN up to this thing behind Nate.  Nate yells, "NO, NO, NO, public horns!!!  Get away!"   It was so funny.  Why would there be horns in a public place for anyone to put their mouths on?  YUCK!
 The city was really pretty.  There was a ton of shopping....expensive shopping!  Hermes, Mont Blanc, etc.  
We spent a great day out and made it home by 4:30!!!  The best part is that tomorrow is Friday!!!