Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Portugal Beach Day

We hit the Espinho Beach in Portugal on Saturday morning.
 We realized on our way to the airport that I forgot the swimsuits!  
Thankfully, we found a Disney store near our hotel and we grabbed suits for the boys!
 We thought we would have about two hours of beach time before the rain hit!  
Boy were we wrong!  The weather was fantastic all day!
 The weather was overcast, but the temperature was just right!
 The fellas played hard!  
 They also were loving having their daddy with them all day!

 The Atlantic Ocean from the other side of the ocean!!
 The beach was made of teeny tiny rocks!  It was so easy to brush off before getting into our rental car!
 We had an awesome morning!  We stopped mid-afternoon to get some lunch.  We had one mishap!  Ethan accidentally slammed Link's finger into the car door.  Nate and I both panicked and had no clue what to do!  Thankfully, it happened right in front of a little cafe.  The workers rushed out (Link was screaming his head off).  They had ice and a first aid kit!  Since Nate and I were in panic mode, they cleaned his finger up and put a bandaid on it.  After a few minutes, we noticed it was fine and we didn't need any medication attention.  We were able to grab some lunch (Link slept in my lap for 45 minutes) and then head back to the beach!  It rattled all of us.  Poor Ethan felt horrible!!!  Besides that little adventure, we had a great time!  

 This is the cafe where the workers rushed out! 
We got to our hotel that evening and took showers.  We realized none of us put enough sunscreen on.  We all thought we would be there long and we forgot with the overcast skies to reapply the sunscreen!  Thank goodness for aloe!  

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