Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ethan's First Soccer Game

 Ethan had his first game of the season last night.
 We had a gorgeous night.  
The temperature was cool and the sun was setting right as the game was starting.  
 Ethan was able to play a few positions and he hustled all game!
Right as the fourth quarter started he scored the tying run.  
The game ended in a tie and he was thrilled!
Lincoln enjoyed playing with his friends!  It was a great night!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


These two BOTH had geography tests today.  When they pulled their study guides out, we laughed because they had almost identical things to study.  Third grade and sixth grade studied the Prime Meridian, the Equator, lines of longitude, lines and latitude, and maps this week!  

Monday, September 7, 2015

Atlanta, Georgia weekend

 We have been itching to travel.  
Atlanta is two and a half hours away, so we headed to GA for our long weekend!
 The boys were ecstatic when we told them we were going to Six Flags on our first day!
 We spent half of our time at the water park and the other half riding the roller coasters.

 It was HOT and humid!  We were worn out by the end of the day.  We were all fast asleep by 9:00!
 Ethan has a big science project due in a few weeks.  After a bit of research, we learned that Stone Mountain was super close to Atlanta and he could use the brochure information in his project. 
We headed out Sunday morning!   
 The temperature had dropped a bit and we enjoyed walking around the park.

 After Stone Mountain, we had a super fun lunch at Dave and Busters.  
We spent 2 1/2 hours eating and playing!  
The time flew by!
 The boys had a blast!
 It was about 3:00 and I told the family that Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta.  I asked if they wanted to go see his house.  I received a big fat YES....of course!!!  
We stopped at the church he and his father preached in first.  
 We walked by his grave site.  
 We ended at his house!  The whole historic area was within walking distance.  
We had a gorgeous weather day for seeing all the history. 
 We ended our night at Richard Blais' Flip Burger.  
Our weekend was so quick, but we packed in a ton of stuff!!!  Nate goes back to work tomorrow, but the boys and I get one more day together!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lincoln's Soccer 2015

 Both of they boys have started fall soccer.  
Lincoln has practices on Friday night and games on Saturday morning. 
  He had a great time at his first game this past Saturday.  
He hustled the entire game!
 I think he enjoyed the game even more because his buddy from his class was on the opposing team.  Nate and I laughed and laughed over the third grade trash talk between the two.
 Once again, he is the smallest on the team.  The first night of practice he came over and asked why he was so much slower than all of the other players.  
I had to explain that his legs are smaller and he has to work harder.  He looks at me with a very serious face and asks, "So, what are we going to do about it?"
 His coaches are fantastic.  You can tell they have lots of soccer experience.  
Link will learn a lot this year.
We are doing soccer at our church, so during half time all of the teams 
take a break to sing, pray, and rest!  
Ethan is participating in soccer at the YMCA.  His game photos are to follow in a few weeks!