Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunshine Pumpkin Patch

 My favorite second grade class went the pumpkin patch on Friday.
 Lincoln was so excited about this field trip because Memaw and Pappy were able to go too.
 The pumpkin patch was on a farm.  We had a great tour guide, who spoke excellent English!  He showed the kids all of the animals and then took us on a hayride to the pumpkin patch.
Lincoln and his friend, Parker.  Parker is Ethan's best friend's brother
 Link took his time and carefully picked out a pumpkin for himself and one for Ethan.   
The problem was the pumpkins were too heavy for him to carry!
So, he yelled for Memaw and Pappy to come help!  :)  We had a great time!  
On Monday, he has another field trip.  The next one is to the fire station!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spelling Words

 This is how Memaw had to get these wild boys to sit still and practice their spelling words!

In the end, they buried her in a pile of blankets.......BUT they know their spelling words!  


On one of our hikes in Switzerland, the boys and I made our fiercest pose!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mora Clock

I bought this Swedish antique Mora clock before we left for Sweden.  
It was delivered today, and I am in love! 

Stockholm, Sweden

Nate and I were super lucky to have a couple's getaway this week.  We went to Stockholm, Sweden.
 After sleeping in late, we went to the Royal Palace.

We took a tour of the palace.  Some of the staterooms were closed, but it was a fun tour. 

 After an awesome Indian lunch, we went to the Vasa museum.  
This ship sank is 1628 and was salvaged in 1961.  Lincoln would have loved this museum.  
It was impressive.  
We slept late again and walked around Stockholm going in and out of shops that we would not have been able to do with two little boys.  We stopped at coffee shops and sat and enjoyed our coffee.   We ate when we wanted and where we wanted!  It was such a relaxing and much needed getaway!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Murren and Gimmewald, Switzerland

 On Sunday, we took a cable car and a train out of the valley in to Murren.  
 This was the cutest little village.  

 We took another cable car into an even smaller village, Gimmewald.  Bri, Chris, and Julian stayed here this summer and loved it.  We arrived in time for lunch.  
After we ordered, the boys played while we waited for our food.  
 You can't come to Switzerland without having fondue!
It was delicious!!!

 I loved this old building that had billiards and laundry on the outside.  
 This is the view from my seat at lunch.  
 We had to order chocolate fondue too!  
 We walked around the village a little bit.  Nate found a self service place to get alpine cheese.  
 This was another self service shop.  It had little Swiss souvenirs.  
 This sweet cow loved Link petting him!  
 The views from Gimmewald and Murren were amazing.  

 Once we got back into Lauterbrunnen, Memaw, Pappy, and Nate wanted a coffee.  While they got coffee, the boys and I walked back to the chalet.  

That little dot is Ethan.  He was so excited to have the key that he sprinted back. 
 Link and I enjoyed our last day Switzerland enjoying the awesome views!  

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

 We went with Memaw and Pappy to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland for the long weekend.  Lauterbrunnen has 72 waterfalls.  
 On our first day, we took a walk to Trummelbach Waterfalls.  
 We took our time and enjoyed the amazing scenery.  

 On our first night, we kept our window open and I kept hearing what I thought was a wind chime.  On our walk, I realized they were cow bells!
Trummelbach Waterfalls has ten waterfalls.  They were amazing!
We ran into a friend from book club while we were coming down!  This is really a small world. 

 As we walked down from the falls, we stopped to take a picture of Lauterbrunnen.  
 After a quick lunch back at the chalet, we went into Interlaken.  
We stopped at a Swiss chocolate store.  
 These two were very excited about this stop.  
 There was a large group of para gliders overhead.  
 The lake was very blue and calm!
After exploring Interlaken for awhile, we headed back to the chalet for dinner and games!

Ethan got Ticket to Ride for his bday.  It is a very fun game!  This group is competitive.