Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inis Mor (Aran Islands)

On Thursday, we took an hour and a half ferry ride to the largest Aran Island, Inis Mor.  As soon as we get off the ferry, we rented bikes to ride around the island.  
The bike company gave us a map with nine hot spots to visit on the island.   The first one was the Aran Sweater Market.  We had been seeing Aran sweaters all over Dublin, so I wanted to get something on the Aran Island.  (I got a cute hat and scarf.  Nate got a scarf....that I might steal!)
We had every intention of stopping at all nine spots.  We learned at the second stop that we were not going to have time to hit them all and get back to the ferry at 4:00!
Poor Nate!  He had Link on a tandem bike.  It was HARD.  The connection wasn't very tight and the bike was so shaky.  Every time he stood up (when going up hill), Link screamed!!  It was funny!
Even though Nate had a shaky bike, he and Ethan were super fast!  This was my view most of the trip!
We made sure to stop at the Dun Aengus ancient fort.  It sits on a 100 meter high cliff.
Nate got way too close for me!

I made sure the kids sat WAY back!  You can see the fort walls.  
The fort is said to have been built during the second century BC.  
We had about a 30 minute hike back down the hill, so we quickly headed back to our bikes.  
We had a HUGE hill, and we were spent!!!  Ethan and I had to push our bikes a lot of the way back.  It did give me the opportunity to take some pictures.  This island was covered with the stone fences.  I researched the fences, and they were used for holding sheep.  
A little thatched roofed house sat on a hill.
We are almost to the top!   
It was a WONDERFUL ending down hill!  We rode about eight miles!  Ethan had the best time.  
There was one boat leaving at 4:00.  We made it with plenty of time!  
We had so much fun on Inis Mor.  
We all agreed we would have loved to have spent night the night on the island 
and taken our time exploring.  

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