Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Music Man

I am sure it happens to all kids (I know it did for Nate and I), but it's cool seeing Ethan fall in love with music.  Two months ago, he would play video games or read in the car.  Now, he is putting on his headphones and listening to music.  I downloaded the entire Aloe Blacc album right before Spring Break.  He has every song memorized!  He's so cute!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Langenlonsheim Wein Wanderung

On Saturday, we went on a wine walk through the vineyards in Langenlonsheim.
 The walk was 5.2 Km. and had four wine/food stations.  Emma and Ethan would RUN ahead and either sit on a bench or (like this picture) sit in the middle of the road while we caught up.  
 During the first part of our walk the sun was shining and it was hot!
 It was also up hill.  As you can imagine, there was lots of whining from the little people!
Silly boy kept running ahead!
At the stations, you could get wine, grape juice, or water.  
They had cake, pretzels, sandwiches, and our favorite, bratwurst!
 The views from the top make the uphill walk worth it. 
 Fake smiles!  They were not loving the uphill walk!
 Another worth the hike view!  We picked up two extra kiddos.  They were friends from school.  
 Happy after finishing my bratwurst!
 Designated driver.....and glass holder!  :)

7th B/day Party

Lincoln turns 7 on Sunday.  We had an Erzenhausen pirate party Friday night.  
 All the guests were from Erzenhausen, so it was very easy to do a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood.
 Clues were hidden at the bus stops, the local restaurant, the babysitter's mailbox, 
and finally at the playground!
 This such a great group of kiddos!
 The final destination!

 Best buds!
These two friends spent the night!  I have a feeling this might be our last pirate party.  He had a great time, but his pirate playing days are few and far between now.  

Storm T-Ball

 Lincoln had his first T-Ball game of the season.  
 Let's just say that there was not a lot of action during this game! 

 He did look super cute though!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kinderdijk, Netherland

 I have wanted to go to the Kinderdijk for a while now.  Last year, it rained on the day we tried to go.
 The Kinderdijk is a series of 19 windmills built in the 1700's.  
The story of the cat in the cradle is from this area.  

 I love this picture.  I wish I had taken a picture of Nate getting them to laugh.  He was recreating a moment from Britain's Got Talent that we watched the night before!  
 Again, my pictures don't do this area justice.  It was very pretty.  
 There were also a million tour buses here!  
Thankfully, it was very spread out and we could get good pictures.  

 As we were driving to leave, Nate pulled over and I was able to get a picture from someone's yard.  Could you imagine this being your back yard?
Goodbye Netherlands....until next Spring!  

Keukenhof, Netherlands

After last year's trip to Keukenhof to see the tulips, 
we decided we needed to see them every year we are in Europe!  
This has been an very mild winter for us in Europe, so we had to go even earlier this Spring.
 The colors were amazing!  My pictures do not do them justice!
 This sweet boy was happy to pose for me.  Ethan was not excited to be here!

 He was happy to take over the camera and take pictures of Nate and I!
 I LOVE this one!
 And this one!
 After some lunch, we let them play on the playground.  
Nate almost had a heart attack when he saw Lincoln up so high!
 Ethan was much happier after it warmed up and he knew we were almost done.  
 The fields were gorgeous.  Some of the fields had already died.  
 Amazing color!
 On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at a field and took some pictures.  
We let the boys swim at the hotel and then found a restaurant that served HUGE crepes!  Overall, it was a win/win day for us!