Saturday, July 31, 2010

Game night

We were able to get the Hills and the Prices together for the first time since Joe and Rachel's wedding. We met for dinner and then came back to our house for game night. We played Partini. It was boys against girls.
There were lots of silly humming of songs, molding of clay, and miming of words.

The worst had to be what Nate called, "the physical challenges." It was basically bouncing some stupid balls in some stupid cups!

Let's just say.....the girls did not win!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hard Knocked Life

I ordered a free month of Netflix today. I thought I would try one of the streaming movies on the computer for them. The boys were introduced to Tom and Jerry today and they loved them so much that.......I was able to finish an entire book today!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swim lesson

I scheduled a swim lesson with one of the lifeguards at our pool. She happens to be the only female and she happens to be gorgeous. Ethan loves her!
She got him to put his head under the water today. This is a HUGE feat for him. I think I may bring her to live with us. Maybe she can get him to do a few other things he hates to do!

After the lesson, he wanted to "practice" by himself! I am very proud of him!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mar's b/day

Saturday was Mar's b/day. To celebrate we took the kids to see the play How I became a Pirate. I am sure it was just the thing she always wanted! ha!
I think we ALL enjoyed it!
The pirates were awesome. The songs were fantastic! Our seats were GREAT!

We ended the day with dinner and cake! I am not sure what Linco is mad about!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The boys took Ma-yuh (Mar) to the pool today. They wanted to show her their jumps and new swimming skills. Lincoln found the noodle and used it as rope. He had Mar push and pull it with him on the end. He yelled, "HEEEE-HOOOOO" over and over! We finally put two and two together and he was reenacting the heave-ho rope pull from the Pirate Ship.
The big guy has some great jumping skills! I love this picture!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sea, sun, and sand!

We had some free time tonight, so I busted out the articulation cards and the M&M's. I bribed Lincoln into working on some /s/ words tonight. He picked it up soooo quickly!!! It's amazing what M&M's can do!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting big

The week before vacation, I let Ethan take his DS to his room for naps. When we were on vacation, I let him lay in bed and watch a movie or play his DS. The short of it is that he's done with naps. Since Mar is here, I took him to the pool today while Link was napping.
I asked the female lifeguard if she would give E lessons starting next week. She was a very pretty girl. The entire time we were at the pool, Ethan stared at her. It got a little uncomfortable. I actually told him to STOP staring at her. When I asked him if was staring at her because she was pretty, he smiled and said, "Yep!" Then he continued to stare at her! BOYS!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I learned on Vacation

1. My boys LOVE chasing their Daddy on the beach.2. Boys LOVE sand.
3. I am so thankful that my 4W Drive works!!!
4. My boy is so close to being able to swim.
5. Lincoln loves lounging with his Daddy.6. We have amazing friends!!! We had such a great time with them.
7. I think we could totally become beach bums! We love, love, love the beach!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Pirate Cruise

We made it to the Pirate Cruise today!! YEAH!!For some reason, Ethan was super nervous. He bit his finger nails and followed Lincoln around.
Lincoln was in his element. When they found the map, Lincoln got right into the middle of the action.
Squirt was the head pirate hunter. Lincoln decided he should be the head pirate hunter. By the middle of the cruise, Lincoln was telling her what to do.
Here the kiddos were looking for Pirate Pete.
Once they found Pete, the cannons started up and the kids sprayed "him" down.
Lincoln LOVED this part!!!! He keeps asking to go back just to shoot Pete again.
The Captain had the kids fall to the deck and do some pushups. Ethan has pretty good form.
Once they found the X, they pulled the treasure in.Squirt also helped the kids find some Pirate Grog. It was basically red soda. My kids do not enjoy soda. They say it's too hot. Lincoln drank his entire cup, but after each sip he made this face!
The grown-ups had a good time as well. It was our hottest day, so we were glad we went to the 9:30 cruise. It was HOT!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alternate plan

We were supposed to make it to the Pirate Cruise yesterday. We got everyone ready and started on our way when we received a phone call from the cruise company letting us know that a huge storm was heading in. So, we decided to tour the local aquarium instead. I made a point of NOT telling the boys about the cruise ahead of time in case something like this happened. The aquarium was great. The boys loved looking at all the fish and turtles.
We only had a couple close calls with the sharks.
Our boys made sure that they pushed their way to the front! They wanted a good look at all the fish.
We only had to cage E up one time!

When we asked everyone who had a great time, Ethan raised his hand HIGH!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Tuesday of Vacation

I am not putting the # day of vacation anymore. It makes me sad to think we are coming close to the end of vacation.
We have gotten into quite the routine! We get up, eat breakfast, and then hit the beach. We play until lunch time. After lunch, we jump into the pool until naps! It has worked quite well for us!Lincoln loves the sand at the beach. He is in his element creating his own imaginary world. Here he is making a train.
He loves the pool, too! He wants Daddy to chase him all around.
Surprisingly, Ethan LOVES jumping in the pool He is doing really well swimming around. Today, we took his floaties off and let him try to swim.
He likes the beach, but "it makes him too sandy!" We are having a blast!!! Tomorrow, (if the weather holds out) is our big Pirate Cruise! I haven't told the boys, yet! But, Nate and I are sooo excited!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation part 3

You gotta love the self-timer! We went out to dinner tonight, bought some t-shirts, and bought way too much fudge! I mean WAY too much fudge!
The beach was so nice this morning. The weather was perfect!
I got too much sun yesterday, so I had the umbrella out today!
I also guilted Nate into actually taking photo of me with the children.

I made sure I got some of him as well!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Water Day!

We hit the beach early today! Everyone got a little reading in.
Ethan and Aaron LOVED the water!
Lincoln was all about the sand.
Our beach house has a pool in the back yard. While the fellas napped (ALL the fellas), Jenn and I lounged around the pool. So after dinner, the boys wanted their chance to play in the pool.
Ethan and Lincoln are having such a good time with Aaron!!