Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lincoln turns FOUR!

Four years ago this fun loving fella entered our lives! He makes each day FUN and interesting!
A few months ago he started having nightmares. He didn't want to go to sleep and I happened to pull a rabbit out of a hat and tell him that the owl jammies he was wearing would protect him because owls don't sleep at night! He can't wear those jammies forever, so now he has a special OWL blanket!!
While we were at Disney, sneaky Daddy ran into some stores and bought almost everything Pirate of the Caribbean for him!
He had iced cookies for snack at school and Spiderman cupcakes at home!

He thoroughly enjoyed them both! Happy B/day, my sweet baby boy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 White House Easter Egg Roll

We thought the Easter Egg Roll would be the perfect way to end our Spring Break!

This year we were so lucky to have Nate with us! About half way into the event, Nate says, "How did you do this by yourself last year?" WILLPOWER!!!!
All last week, Link asked if Curious George was Disney. He wanted to hug him last week. He got his wish today!
We started a game pretty close to the White House. About half way through the soccer game, the Obamas and Colbie Caillat came out. Last year, they didn't come out while we were there!
We were super lucky to see them this year. After they talked a few minutes, they went into the crowd to do some of the games.
We went back to playing.
Link needed a little help jumping over the hurdles.
We stopped at the egg hunt. The boys were allowed to find two eggs. Ethan finished in about two seconds.
I don't know what this crazy kid was doing. I think he was trying to get the big eggs.
We decided to walk to the food section. On the way, we stopped to watch Kelly Ripa and Al Roker for a few minutes.
As we were waiting, this lady walked up!! We were four rows back and totally not expecting her!
We watched her for a few minutes and walked over to get a pear and an apple for the boys. As we were stopping, she walked right by and she even shook my hand!!!
We ended the day with shade and pears!!! We have been so blessed during our time in DC!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Aunt Marilyn sent the boys these cute shirts a few months ago. I don't think she intended them to be their Easter shirts, but I DID!! The boys were so excited to wear their ties. Ethan said he looked like his long term sub teacher, Mr. Kurland! He loved it.
There was no Sunday School this morning, so they sat with us. I always bring "the red bag." It has colors and papers. They know that they have to wait until the preaching begins to color. After every song, Link said, "Is this the preach?" The Prices and Hills came over for a good ole Easter Egg Hunt and Easter lunch. The kids were in a foot race to get to the eggs until the parents told them that they had to wait for everyone.
The Easter bunny was serious about hiding his eggs this year.
He hid Ethan's money egg in a tree. The egg fell out and poor Ethan had to get his money off the ground!
I think Link enjoyed watching everything. I kept having to tell him to go find the eggs. He was just happy to be there!
Overall, I think everyone came out pretty well. All the baskets were full. Our bellies were full soon after!! Happy Easter to all!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Professional Pix from Jedi show

After the show, Link said, "Mommy, look at my serious face. That's what I did."
He was pretty serious, too!

So awesome!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


1. Complimentary hotel upgrade to a one-bed room villa!!! It was so fantastic being able to put the kids to bed and stay up to unwind!
2. One of the BIGGEST highlights was how much of a trooper these boys were. Ethan walked more than I could have ever imagined. Link had the best attitude the entire trip.
3. Watching the boys marvel at the castle and seeing all their favorite characters.
4. Their excitement doing their favorite rides. Here we are at Toy Story Mania. I have to admit Nate and I loved these rides, too!
5. The Jedi Academy was the biggest highlight!

6. Ethan's favorite park was Epcot. He loved the Test Track. On Wednesday, he made me stand in line for 70 minutes to ride it again. I have started calling it the torture track. It was a fun ride, but I did not think it was 70 minutes of waiting worth of fun!!! His smile and excitement when we were on the ride was great!
7. Lincoln loved "the Pirates of the Caravan." He bought a "Captain Long John Jack Sparrow" character to take home!!
8. Buzz and Woody were a huge hit! They had the two best rides, and we were able to see them a couple time throughout the week.
9. Mommy and Daddy LOVED Epcot for the food. We ate Chinese, Morroccan, and German food while we were there! We bought the dining plan, and it was more than we could have imagined.
Food was also a hit with the little guys! It became an awesome way to take a break and to also pacify them in the lines!
10. We saw a parade on the very last day! We watched the Pixar characters in Hollywood Studios. I was so glad we did this....even though the heat was bad!!!
We are home now! I even brought the kids back with us!!!!
We are all worn out!! BUT, in the end it was so amazing!