Monday, July 28, 2014

Road Trip to Inverness, Scotland

We woke up bright and early and headed out of Edinburgh!  
We were all very nervous about Nate driving on the other side of the car and the road!
I have been reading a series of historical fiction books about Scotland since the early 90s.  STARZ just picked up the series and is filming the series right now!  I was super excited to visit Castle Doune because it is in series as Castle Leoch.  

This castle was also used in the Monty Python movie.  
This is the fireplace for the kitchen.  It was HUGE!
The notches are where the cooks sharpened their knives.  
Lincoln is sitting on a medieval potty. 
This castle had the tiniest stairs ever!  They were super steep too! 
 My heart was racing on the way down. 

View from the roof!  We have been to LOTS of castles these past two years.  We all agreed that this castle and the information in the audio guide may have been the best we've seen so far!  
From Castle Doune, we drove up a scenic route to a town called Pitlochry.  
We ate lunch at a pub overlooking a gorgeous garden.  
We walked the town and found a sign leading us to a salmon fish ladder.  
It was such a pretty trail walk.  It was nice to stretch our legs....even though we saw no salmon.  
This sign really bothered Link!
We drove on to Inverness.  We stopped A LOT to take in the views!  
At last....Inverness!  

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