Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's just another Manic Monday!

From BabyCenter: Your 15 month old "Doing errands around town is harder than ever with a pint-size explorer in tow. Being strapped down in a car seat or stroller is the last place your toddler wants to be: Expect an earful — usually accompanied by an arched back and flailing arms and legs — when it's time to buckle up. This is partly because about 90 percent of all toddlers are walking by now (late walkers will catch up in the next month or two), which means they'd much rather be practicing their footwork than sitting still."
Let's see.....He is NOT walking and we are going to be in the car for approximately 8 hours for the next two days....LOVELY!
Wish us all luck with the trip tomorrow.
Nate is defending his dissertation tomorrow at 8:30. Pray for him!
Marilyn is the copilot and kid pacifier in the car. Pray for her!
I am going to try to drive and tune out the kiddos in the back and HOURS of Bob and Larry singing! Pray for me!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two days and counting!

We move on Monday. I recommend everyone move every six years. We cleared out two truckloads of trash and two truckloads of donations. Our basement looks AMAZING! It's too bad we didn't live like this before. I told Nate (after dumping our last load) know in two months we have Ethan's birthday----which means TONS of toys. Then, two months later, we have Christmas---tons of toys again. THEN, four months later we have Linky's b/day. It is never ending! We must make a conscience effort to keep the junk down to a minimum. I think moving into a townhome with smaller rooms will for force us to!
Ethan is getting excited. We are going to have a "toy room" off the living room. Today, I told Ethan we would be able to put his kitchen in the toy room. He looked at me really puzzled and said, "I don't think my kitchen will fit in the car."
*****I know this blog has nothing to do with Lincoln, but the picture of Link was adorable****

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I didn't do it on purpose

Ethan understands that if he says it was an accident or he didn't do it on purpose we will tell him it was ok. Today after HUGE temper tantrum because he didn't see a train on the tracks on the way home, he was sent to his room. When we went upstairs later for nap I noticed about 5 or 6 books thrown all over the room. I told him I understand that he was mad that he was sent to his room, but we don't throw our books when we are mad. He looks at me and says, "It's ok Mommy. It was just an accident...I didn't do it on purpose!"We went to the playground on the base today. It is such a gorgeous playground. Lincoln was in heaven crawling around. He did not want to go home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoot Guns

Marilyn bought Ethan some "Shoot Guns".Nate got the "shoot gun" on the patio.
Ethan had to "help" Nate get it off the roof.
Let's keep the "shoot gun" off the patio.


Monday is the big move day! We said good-bye to the Cerminaro's last Thursday and I still tear up everytime I think about them. Luckily, Nanny lives very close and they promised, promised, promised that we will see them often.
Today, we met Molly and the boys at the Greene Mall. Molly tried to get me to tear up while we were talking at the bookstore, but I held up and didn't. I do get to see her one more time. I think having kids with your friends makes it sooo much harder to leave. I still remember when Amy and Tony brought those adorable little twin boys outside for the first time. Then when Amy had Zoe Ethan was just a few months away from being born. They are so much like family to us! Ughhh I am going to miss seeing them grow sooo much!
I can't even describe how much I am going to miss Molly. What in the world am I going to do at work without her there? It is so hard to believe how fast these years have gone. It seems so much like yesterday that we were all pregnant and complaining about our horribly fat bodies together.
I am going to miss you all so much. You are such a BIG part of our lives. I know that we will be friends for life! I love you all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You gotta keep um separated!

So Marilyn and I finally figured out how to have happy, sweet, content little boys! SEPARATE! I went to the chiropractor today and Ethan asked if he could go. He was such a little angel! He was so sweet and lovey. When I got home, Mar told us that Link was so content and happy. He didn't scream or whine! AMAZING! :)
Lucky for us-when we were all joined back together everyone was still great. So...maybe it's just a great day for both of them.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh My Little Linky....

Will you ever walk????

We weighed Lincoln today. He has gained a whopping 2 lbs since June 10th! HURRAH!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cincy Zoo

We have been talking about going to the zoo the entire summer. We finally made it there. The HIGHLIGHT of the trip for Ethan was the train. He loved riding it and has already requested that we go back....just for the train! It was hot and we took advantage of the mist fans whenever we saw one! Lincoln loved looking at the animals. He got the biggest grins when he would see one walking around.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Carriage Hill Farm

It's amazing that this place is an actual Dayton Metro park. It is an 1880's farm that has turned into a sort of museum of sorts. It was beautiful. Ethan stopped so many times and posed for me. Lincoln stayed in the stroller until the very end. Then, of course, he didn't want to get back in that stroller...but who could blame him! It's much more fun to crawl around! YES, I said crawl...that goofy boy is still not walking! Everyone say a little prayer that he gets the courage up to try!Let me just sneak up on him.
He loves peekaboo!
Yes, this was posed....but so cute!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend of FUN!

This weekend was BUSY! Nate and I got a lot done around the house while Marilyn ran the boys ragged! On Friday we had some water fun! I think Ethan thought he could fill the water gun up this way....sorry Buddy...the water has to be turned on.Saturday was almost a Jammer Day...but we ended up getting the boys dressed about 5:00 and then went to Steak Thyme for dinner. Today was church, naps, and the playground! Lincoln loves, loves, loves the playground. He SCREAMS and kicks when it's time to go.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Growing Up

On the way home from Target, we saw a little boy walking down the street alone. Nate said, "How old do you think he is?" I said that I thought he was about eight. Nate looked shocked and said, "really?" I told him that he had to remember that Luke and Jack are FIVE. We both reflected on how shocking it really is that they are going to Kindergarten. THEN, it got me thinking about how much our two little boys have changed.When the summer started, Ethan wouldn't get on slides at the playground, he wouldn't get in the pool without holding our hand, and he would not sit down and color or paint. He is getting on slides if we are near. He will get in the pool up to his knees with us nearby. Today he sat and painted without one of us sitting at the table with him for about half an hour. I am so proud of him.Lincoln has always been such an easy go lucky baby. He was really easy. He is beginning to gain more and more independence. He wants to be on the move. He is an excellent eater (most of the time). He usually eats more than Ethan. He loves, loves, loves telling people hi and waving at them in stores. He is getting more demanding in his old age. He has learned that wonderful little baby shrill to get what he wants and he won't quit until he gets it. He has also learned that if his big brother does something to make him mad he can hit him. My sweet little Linky is getting a feisty personality!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Museum Day

It's museum Monday! We had a blast. Nate was able to go with us today. It was so nice having some extra hands to help out with the boys! I think we actually made it to all the rooms today. Here are some pictures from today.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Celebration

After a wonderful feast for dinner and playing in the living room with the train the kids ran outside to run with their homemade Independence Wands! They ran with the wands, chopped trees with the wand, and pretended they were trees with the wands. After about thirty minutes Ethan's wand looked pitiful. It eventually broke off and layed in the driveway. This was the first year we let Ethan stay up and watch the fireworks. We started a movie for the kids and we were able to play Cranium until the fireworks. We have been so fortunate to be able to sit in our backyard and watch the Beavercreek fireworks each year!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Safety Hazard

I knew it was time to clean up when I almost twisted an ankle trying to turn the TV off! Poor Hunter didn't even have a place to sit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We're busy...busy...dreadfully busy

but never to busy for you! (Veggie Tales)

We have dedicated Monday as our COSI (Science Museum in Columbus) day. This place is super fun! The kids love it!Tuesday we went to a playground in Xenia after picking up our pictures. Then we ran errands. Once Nate got home we headed to the pool! FINALLY, a warm day with NO rain.
Today, was the busiest day we have had in a LONG time. Nate stayed home and worked today. It was so nice just being able to see him when we needed some love! We went to the playground, went to Kroger, cooked lunch, semi napped (Ethan never fell sleep), went to Ms. Rebecca's for an art party, went to get haircuts, and then went to the pool. These Leaps are BEAT! Ethan had so much fun at the art party!This picture was taken at COSI....this is what we would look like if we had Nate's body! :) Thanks for the pictures AMY!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big Wheels keep on turning....

Proud Mama keep on burning....Rolling...Rolling...Rolling down the street!
This is the THIRD day in a row that Ethan has rode his big wheel around the block! As Zoe would say...Whoohoo..whoohoo! Today he was able to keep it on the sidewalk and pedal! Go Ethan GO!!!!
***this has been great incentive for him to leave the dinner...take a nap. I hope it lasts***

He got his train back!

It's day two of the train being back! He has been a really good boy the past two days! He is loving having the train back! For thirty minutes I heard raspberries (car noises.) Every time I looked Lincoln was driving the Sheriff around. Notice the wet shirt! ughhh!This one is just for fun. I thought it was a cute picture of my goofy Nate!