Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Day

 We had an afternoon flight, so we had a few hours before we needed to be a the airport.  
The Torc waterfall was a few hours from our B&B.
 The waterfall is in the Killarney National Park.  We decided to drive a bit and enjoy the views.  
 We stopped at the Ladies View.  
 We enjoyed a cup of coffee and and the views.  
 These leprechauns bought Irish flutes.  
We kept driving and saw a sign to the Black Valley.  
Our B&B host suggested we go to the Black Valley a few days ago.  
We cut down this path (it was as tiny as a path)
 We even had an Irish traffic jam.  
 Our GPS said 12 miles (30 minutes).  
 Around 30 minutes into our trip, we had gone about 4 miles.   
Thankfully, we had not come across another car.  
And then......the people started popping up at this spot.  We ran into a lot of hikers.  The road was so small, we couldn't even share it with the people. They had to get on to the grass.  
 We were having a hard time enjoying these views because 
we were running into more and more hikers. 
We started seeing horse drawn carriages too!  It was scary.  An hour and 15 minutes later, we were through the Black Valley and the Gap of Dunloe.  
Both were recommended by our host and they were gorgeous!  

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