Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday Baptism

 My sweet boys were baptized at church today!
 Lincoln asked to go first.
 He was so tiny.  I could barely see him.
 He forgot to hold his nose, so Pastor Gary did it twice.  
 I love his big smile.
Ethan professing his faith!
 He was a little taller!
 He was pretty happy too!
 There were quite a few people getting baptized this morning. 

Each fella got a bag of treats this morning.  I love the little sayings!  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tooth Fairy

Lincoln lost his tooth while we were at Julian's house this morning.  A few hours after we left, I realized we forgot his tooth.  I told him we needed to go get it.  He says, "Nah.  She will pick it up from his house.  It's better this way because then she won't have to go in my messy room."  Needless to say, we picked it up and he picked up his room.

Dr. Seuss Day

Friday was Dr. Seuss Day at school.  The boy's dressed up as their favorite book character.
Those that dressed up were in the character book parade at school.
I loved his spiky hair.  I wish he would let me do it more often.  
He was yelling for some crazy reason!
Friday evening, we attended the school's Dr. Seuss Night.  
We enjoyed green eggs, ham, and pancakes!

The boys scarfed down their food to get to the centers!
Of course, we have to have cupcakes after pancakes!
These poor boys take after their momma.  They can't hulu hoop either!
They loved the prize walk.  I had to kick them out so someone else would have a turn!
We ended the night with a story from good ole Mr. Woodfork!  It was a super fun night!

Science Project

Ethan came up with a really cool idea for his science project.
He is trying to determine if "exergaming" is as effective as traditional exercises.
He is comparing resting heart rates, heart rates after running on the treadmill, and heart rates after running on the Wii Fit Plus Game.  
He enlisted the neighbors to help out too!
He hasn't finished it yet, but so far it has been much easier and more 
fun than last year's measuring rain fall!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Willy Wonka

 We saw an amazing performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory last weekend.  Willy was played by one of the AFN DJ's.  Last year, he gave Lincoln's class a tour of the studio.  He was perfect as Willy!  Once again, the boy's music teacher and her son were also in the play.  
 Janine, a friend in Ethan's class, was also in the play.  
She made sure to find him afterwards and I was able to snap a quick photo!
The play was great, but it was late!!  The theater was 45 minutes away which gave this guy the opportunity to fall asleep on the drive home.  Nate thought he could just carry him up to bed, but he was a LUG!  Nate had to wake him up to get him out of the seat!  He is growing too fast!