Monday, July 28, 2014

Loch Lomond Highland Games

I was VERY excited to see a Scottish Highland game, and I had the fellas pretty excited too. We got up early to get a good parking spot and get in the gate quickly.  Little did we know that we did not need to do that.  We were the first car in the lot, and the line was tiny.  (This picture was taken when it opened).  
Dunbarton is a small village, and the games are pretty much locals.  
This was the local hero (and Ethan's hero too).  For about 30 minutes, the announcer called him TJ Hunter.  Someone finally told him that his name was TJ Graham.  He won every event but one.  
This was John Leicster.  He was a very experienced competitor. 
 He also had two sons competing in the events too.  
Ole Peter Gallagher had been around the games a few times.  I wish you could here the announcer saying their names with his Scottish brogue.  
 This is David.  He showed up about 45 minutes into the games.  The announcer said he slept late.  I think he would have given TJ Hunter/Graham a run for his money!  He actually won the caber toss.  
The caber toss was definitely the most impressive event!!!  Notice the crowds growing....
At the end of the local games, the triathletes starting coming in.  
Once the locals were finished, the Scottish national champs started competing.  
We watched for a few minutes.  They were super impressive. 
The chieftan of the games spoke. I loved his outfit!  
AND THEN......the bagpipes started.  They were great for the first five minutes, and then we all wished they would hush!
Around lunchtime, the crowds were growing, and the rain was starting. 
We found a seat and enjoyed some yummy pizza.  
AND THEN....the bagpipes started up right in front of us.   
The boys ran off to play on the playground in the rain. 
The boys had been waiting all day for the tug-of-war.   Many of the local highland game competitors were competing in the tug-of-war.  We were all tired and wet, so we left after the tug-of-war.  
We had a blast.  The boys still say that this was their favorite day of the vacation.

The Scottish road system is very interesting.  Our route from Dumbarton to Edinburgh took us straight through Glasgow.  Apparently, they do not have a road that takes you around the city.  
I took this out the car window!  
Scotland was wonderful!  Tomorrow, Ireland!

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