Monday, January 2, 2017

Tree post

Ethan has taken many pictures over the years by the little evergreen tree in Pennsylvania.  We got the latest one this year.  Ethan and the tree have grown quite a bit!

Drone flying

 Ethan flying his drone.
Link crashing his drone.


 I only took a few pictures this Christmas.  The boys got drones from Uncle Ryan and I got a few pictures of that day.
They took them out right away.  
 It was wet and cold so I went it.  I caught this moment when Ethan crashed into the window.  

 Dad had to do a quick repair.   Link ended up crashing his a few times and we
 had to do an exchange on our way home.  
I got one quick picture of the cousins.  

Mammoth Cave

We FINALLY made it to Mammoth Cave.  We tried to go when we first got back but the tours were sold out.  Link has been wanting to go since he was in the second grade!

 We took a two hour tour.  The first 30 minutes were tiny, tiny, tight passages.  
The boys and I got hot and a little freaked out!
 We started taking off layers and poor Nate ended up carrying most of our coats!
 Link loved every minute.  He took his iPod and took so many pictures!

Our Christmas Morning

 We went to PA for Christmas this year, so we opened gifts a few days early!
 Lincoln's joining the Steelers!
 Ethan was very happy with Link's gifts to him!
 I love how Nate wrapped my purse!
The boys know their dad so well.  A devotional and a Zelda triforce melty bead!


Link was asked to be a shepherd at the church's nativity. 
 The program was an hour.  They needed lots of prayers for patience!
 They did great!  True professionals!
 He did make us promise not to make faces at him.   We complied! :)

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

 The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is at the back of Shakespeare Park.  I decided to park at the park and walk to the museum.  The boys were a little irked at me, but we needed to stretch our legs!
 The exhibits made our walk totally worth it.  The current exhibit's artist made everything from unconventional items. We loved trying to figure out what everything was made from.
The back wall was made from military uniforms.  The tree was made from pants and socks.  The tree above their heads was made from books!
This zebras were made from tires.
The walk back went very smoothly because they spent the entire time talking about the art!