Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Chores

I always have these HUGE plans for summer.  
I get so excited when school is out and the boys are home!
And then....reality hits and we don't get half of my big ideas accomplished!
This summer we took a HUGE vacation and came back tired!  So, I noticed we were watching a lot of TV and playing a lot of video games.  The boys discovered Master Chef Junior on Hulu.  
Ethan was obsessed and started begging to get into the kitchen.  He made tacos on Monday night.  He was SOOOO proud of himself and Nate and I were super pleased!  

He also found a recipe in a library cookbook for a lemon poppyseed cake.  He made that for dessert last night.  I don't think he enjoyed the cake as much as he thought he would, but Nate and I loved it!  
Link has no desire to get into the kitchen, but he did come out and ask what I was doing when I was trimming the bushes.  I gave him some clippers and he went to town.  
Nate and I both could get used to this kind of help!  Even though my list of fun plans is barely touched, we have done more than I would have expected at home!  

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