Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awards Day

 My sweet buddy had first grade awards today!
 He received an award for all A honor roll!
 He was so excited that we were able to be there on the front row taking pictures!
 All the kiddos were so proud of their awards!
I love this first grade class!

Water Day

First Grade had water day, yesterday!
 They started out with some really funny games!

 This was duck, duck, splash!  It was super cute!!! 
 Best Buddies!
 This maniac screamed like a crazy man every time he went down the slide!
We are going to miss this school so much!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Like Brothers

Oh my goodness!  These two are just like brothers.  One minute they are hugging on each other.  Link told him that he wished he was his real brother today.  Then two minutes later, they are screaming at each other.  Then, Link is telling him that he is the meanest boy ever!  
As soon as he leaves, Link is asking when he can come back over.  
This picture was taken when they were fighting over pirate toys!  I love these guys!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

It's a little late, but here's a picture of the first Veteran I ever knew, Vernon Arnold!
 I like to think that he would be very happy that I married a special Veteran, who happens to be the best Daddy I have ever known! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lake Martin

 We went back out to the lake with the hopes of getting a boat!  We were successful!  Lincoln told Memaw and Pappy that driving the boat was a dream come true!!

 Ethan and Lincoln loved for the boat to go FAST!!!

 This crazy man kept gunning the boat!!
We docked the boat and had some lunch.  As we pulled up, Bob said someone is waving at us!  It turned out to be our buddies from home!

The boys found the ball and started playing monkey in the middle.

You have no clue how hard it was to get this picture....haha!
Me and Memaw got some good sun today!
The Linkster was worn out!  He ended up laying on the bench and "resting" for a few minutes.  Then he started getting (according to him) bored.   
I think the above to two pictures prove that they weren't bored for long!  They were just exhausted!  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memaw and Pappy visit Alabama

 Memaw and Pappy came into town on Friday.  They had bags full of Pirate shirts and hats.
 Today, we drove to Lake Martin to enjoy some time at the lake.  Ethan was thrilled to see a volleyball net.  He played with some kids, then conned Daddy, Memaw and Pappy into playing with him.  
 Lincoln LOVED the water.  Our little pirate, found a stick for a sword.  The entire day he was in his own world fighting bad guys!
When it got hot, Ethan moved to the water to play volleyball with Memaw and Link.  Pappy and Nate worked hard on getting a boating license. Unfortunately, they didn't have any boats available.  So, on Monday, we are going to head back to the lake for some boating!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Ariana's mommy and daddy had their second anniversary this week and we were the lucky ones who got to keep this sweetie peetie! The boys love her and want to play with her, but just haven't figured out exactly how to do it, yet.
They quickly learned that she doesn't like to play pirate!  
After the fellas went to bed she and I played on the floor.  She dug in the diaper bag and practiced standing up.  She started to get a little cranky, so Nate tried to stand up with her.  She turned, looked at me, and held her arms out!  She is a girlie girl who likes girls!!!  Nate said, "I am NOT used to that!"  I think it's nice for a change!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Rigs

We saw our first moving truck enter the neighborhood today!  It was for our friends who live up the street.  Their guy is in Ethan's class.  He came down and played this afternoon so that he was not in the mover's way!
What this really means for us is that this move is coming Q-U-I-C-K!  Soon, we will be the ones with the moving truck in our front yard!  I counted up seven( I think) in Ethan's class that are moving this year....and that is in his class alone!  

Monday, May 21, 2012


Lincoln:  Ethan, What are you going to play with me?
Ethan:  silence
Lincoln:  Eeeettthhhhannnn, I want you to play with meeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Ethan:  silence
Lincoln:  Ethan, I am counting to six.  Then, I am not going to play with you!
Ethan:  silence
Lincoln:  Fine!  I am not going to play with you!

Even reverse psychology isn't working today!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pool Time

 It is already H-O-T here in Alabama!  After church, we hit the pool.  The fellas were super excited to see their friends there, too!
 The buddies ran from the pool to the bag of toys a gazillion times!
During adult swim, they found that they could throw their squishy ball into the buckets and wait for it to dump out on them!  They had a blast!  

Granny's visit

 Granny came into town on Thursday.  After running a few errands on Friday, she sat down with Link and helped him build his pirate ship!  That evening, we all enjoyed Ethan's last ball game.
On Saturday, we had lunch downtown.  We had big hopes of letting the kids play on the splash pad.  Unfortunately, it was broken.  She kept the fellas Saturday night so Nate and I could go out!
She had to leave this morning, but we had a lot of fun with her this weekend!  Ethan brought Scrabble home Friday and we played a few games!  Ethan is hoping to "stomp" her next time!

Lincoln's baseball

 I just realized that I did not post pictures from Lincoln's last day of baseball!  This is the team of TWENTY-SIX!
 At the last practice, the kids played a game of kids vs. kids.  The week before it was parents vs. kids.
 They all loved to bat!
At the end of practice, each kid received a gold medal....which has now made it's way to the dress-up bucket!  

Friday, May 18, 2012

First Place Team!

 Ethan had his last game tonight!
 He fielded two ground balls!
 He got a hit and scored a run!

His team ended up coming in First Place!  He is in Heaven!!!!
He ended up having the sweetest baseball team!  His coaches were so patient and understanding.  Our boys have been so blessed with sports this year!  We lucked out having the best coaches and the best experiences!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 From Lincoln

From Ethan 
 Ethan made me this sweet book at school.  
 On Friday, his teacher told me that I would get a kick out of his Mother's Day book.  I think this page was why!  He was allowed to write anything about himself. 
A few months ago I found this awesome map on  Once you placed your order, you contacted the designer and she should shade in the states/countries you wanted shaded in!  We shaded in Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, and now Germany!  This was my Mother's Day gift along with the awesome cards and books. I just need to get it framed!  
Happy Mother's Day to all of you!