Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Dallas

 We were so busy while we were in Dallas.  I barely had my camera out.  On the first night we were there, the boys anxiously awaited for Papa John to come home so they could open presents. 
 On day two, we ALL got haircuts.  All six of us piled into Misty's salon and she cut away!
 John had to go into work after haircuts.  So, we took Granny to have Japanese food!  I think she liked it!  Then we went shopping.  You can't go to Dallas and not go shopping!!!
 We had all been so excited to go to Legoland while we were there!  It was a really cool place, but the lines were CRAZY!
 The boys enjoyed making lego cars and racing them, riding the two rides, and playing on the lego playground. 
 We told them several times when we arrived that they were NOT getting anything.  As you can see....we caved!
Granny let us go out every night.  I think she just wanted snuggle time to herself!!!!  Overall, our trip was fantastic!  It is so nice being driving distance to Texas again!

Christmas in Lufkin

The Leaps drove to Texas for Christmas this year! We stayed at Marlene's house and every morning the fellas would immediately ask when Marilyn was coming over!  When she arrived, Ethan had a list of games she needed to play with him!
While they were waiting for Marilyn, Marlene cooked everyone breakfast.  She had white toast with butter every morning.  Link told Marlene that he didn't know what this white toast with yellow was but she should make it everyday for him.  We laughed and laughed and then I realized this boy has never had white bread before! 

Papa and Gale came in Christmas day.  The boys were so excited to see them. 
On Monday, we got out of Marlene's hair for a bit and went into town.  We played on the inflatables at the mall and then we went to Red Lobster.  Marilyn got Ethan crab legs to try.  He decided he likes them better than lobster!
We were able to see Granny everyday!  She was so excited that the boys talked to her. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa came to Alabama

 Santa came to Alabama!  He brought a new bike, helmet, Batcave, and a Pirates of the Caribbean DS game!
 Ethan was so excited about his gifts!  He was thrilled over his Ninjago books!
 I think Lincoln was in shock and a little overwhelmed all day! 
 He and I got some snuggles in while Ethan passed out his gifts to us.  Ethan got Link a slap bracelet, a bouncy basketball, and a tattoo with his own money.  He got Nate and I ornaments and Nate also got a tattoo! 
 Ethan got an Angry Bird game and Battleship!  He and Daddy loved playing the games today!
This little man was happy with his DS game!  I had to talk him into putting it away to play with his other toys!   Click here to watch video of Christmas morning!  There are some other videos on my Youtube page from the day.  From Youtube just click on 75Mandee to see the rest of them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lobster Dinner

 Every year for our birthdays, Nate and I buy lobsters and enjoy a lobster dinner.  We are going to Texas and having dinner at a nice restaurant for our b/day this we made lobsters tonight for our Christmas Eve dinner.  We decided to let the boys have their own lobster to share!  Ethan was so excited.  Link....not so much!
Ethan ate a few pieces.  Link took a BITE.  I think that Ethan loved the idea of the lobster more than the actual lobster!  Good news....Nate and I get their leftovers tomorrow!!! :)

Science Museum

 We headed to McWane Science Center in Birmingham today!  We had the best time!!  The boys loved petting hammerhead sharks and sting rays!
 Link enjoyed ice fishing.
 They felt winds at hurricane strength!
 Ethan rode this crazy bike two stories above the ground!
 We all loved making faces and hands with the pushy pin thing-a-ma-jig. 
 Ethan almost was eaten by an Alabama dinosaur.
They loved watching Daddy lay on a bed nails!
BUT...the best thing was watching the boys do the zip line! Watch the video here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Just one more day....just one more day...just one more day!
(Santa is coming a few days early so we can drive to Texas on Friday)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas lights

 On Friday, Nate and Ethan finished school up for the Christmas break!  Link and I get to have them home with us for two full weeks!!!!  Since no one has to go to work or school tomorrow, we hit the streets tonight to look at some Christmas lights!
 The crazy fellas were excited!!!!! 
There was a neighborhood right across from ours that had to two houses that were programmed to music!  They were super cool!
They were also HUGE and gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alabama weather

The fellas wanted to ride bikes Saturday morning.  It was chilly (in the 40s).  I put on gloves and a jacket.  As I dug out my gloves, Link found his scarf and hat.  Like I said it was chilly....but not this chilly! 

Today the weather got up to 75 degrees!!!  I am LOVING this December weather. 
Link has been riding his bike up to Ethan's bus stop.  As we were riding bikes yesterday, I noticed a car in the middle of the sidewalk.  A CAR!!!!  Link, apparently, did not see the car.  He ran smack into the side of the car!  Only LINK!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ethan had a math test today on double digit subtraction with borrowing.  Sometime last week, it just clicked for him.  He gets it!  Once he "got it," Nate and I showed him how to check his work by adding it back up.  When he got home today, I asked how the test went.  He said, "GREAT!!!  I know that I got them all right because I checked my work for fun!"  He's is such a goober (like his Daddy)!

I had to put the above picture on.  When I loaded my pictures up and looked at them, I asked Nate what the heck is Ethan doing.  Nate told me he was trying to do a freaky picture.  I think he got it!!! 

Santa Mugs

I saw these mugs at Walmart for two dollars yesterday.  I bought four.  We had very similar mugs growing up and I remember drinking hot chocolate from them.  I was excited to show Nate.  So while I was cooking dinner, I saw Nate making hot chocolate.  He poured a mug for the fellas to enjoy with dinner! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

North Pole Express

Our friend, Kelly, emailed me early this summer to tell us about the North Pole Express.  The tickets sell out fast, so she got a group of twenty and we were lucky enough to get in on her deal!

 The boys were so excited.  Our tickets were for 5:00 pm.  They got into their jammies right after church.

 The were proud of their "Genuine ticket to ride!" The conductor punched the ticket for them.
Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a few elves were waiting at the North Pole for us.  Ethan is beginning to ask questions.  He asked all day if we were going to the real North Pole.  I kept saying, "I don't know.  I haven't been there before."  When we pulled up to the North Pole, Ethan said, "HUH-Nice trick everyone!"  Luckily, it was loud and Link didn't hear him.   Santa and Mrs. Claus came aboard the train and took pictures with all the kids.  Ethan said he thinks this is the real Santa.The elves brought an ornament and a key for everyone.  A chef came aboard and passed out cookies and chocolate milk.
 It was super cold on the train, so Nate and I got a lot of cuddling in!  We had a great time.   It was a great memory to make this Christmas season!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas!

When Marilyn was here for Halloween, we headed out to a beautiful park nearby to get our Christmas card photo!  We had several to choose from because they turned out so great!
  We also took her Christmas card photo.  I don't think she would mind if I shared it!  Argghhh Merry Christmas, Mateys!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alabama Santa

Bass pro shop has been advertising that they have a Santa's Workshop.  They were giving out free photos with Santa, so Saturday we headed up to Prattville, AL to see Santa.
 Lincoln wanted to go first.  He made his way up to Santa and told him what he wanted.
Lincoln asked for the Batcave and The Pirates of the Caribbean DS game.Ethan went up next.  He knew to pose for a good picture before asking for what he wanted!
  With some coaching from me, he asked for a new bicycle and a helmet.  He keeps adding things to his list and changing what he wants daily. 
 This is after seeing Santa we took pictures with a bear,
  some furry hats,
and a flat bottom boat!