Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meatloaf and Playdough

Memaw and Pappy came to visit this weekend. Meatloaf and new playdough were just two of the awesome things they brought/bought this weekend.
They took the boys to see Gnomeo and Juliet. They bought the boys popcorn and candy at the movies. They also bought chocolate chip cookies....which you can see Ethan wearing on his face! The boys had so much fun with them. Mommy and Daddy love it when they come, as well! Nate and I had Saturday to spend together and Sunday to sleep in!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phone call

I got a phone call tonight, while the boys were in the bathtub. It was the mom of a little girl in Ethan's class. She and I exchanged numbers a while back because her little girl and Ethan were good friends. She told me that her little girl had been asking to call Ethan for three days. I told her he would call her as soon as he got out of the bathtub.
When I told him she had called, he was so excited. I gave him the phone and told him to talk to her in his room, and I would read Link his bedtime story. Link and I finished a book and I noticed he was already in Link's room. I asked him what he said to her and he said, "Nothing. I just listened to her talk!" I asked what she said and he said, "She just told me all about what she got for her birthday!" The phone call was less than three minutes. I hope she was not disappointed.
I wish I could tell her that I was just happy that he smiled when I told him to call her back. It's like pulling teeth to get him to talk to anyone! In fact, Memaw said this week that she is glad she doesn't plan her visits according to his enthusiasm on the phone!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Boys and their planes

We all had off except for Ethan and Jennifer today. So, we headed to the Air and Space Museum to have some fun and burn off some of the boy's energy. Lincoln found the Astronaut suits and told us when we gets bigger he's gonna wear one of those.
He also found a little plane that he wanted to drive!
Aaron was a little more cautious and thought he should fly with Daddy!! I think that's a good idea!!!!
It was such a beautiful weekend. They are calling for snow tomorrow. Maybe we can extend this fun, long weekend!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day

Lincoln: I am going to be President Lincoln. E-han, you are George Washington. Mommy, you are Rock Obama, and Daddy you are John Wilkes Boothe.

Nate: WHY do I have to be the bad guy?????

Lincoln: Ok, you can be George Bush!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Wednesday night, when I got home from Zumba, Nate mentioned to me that Link was sleeping restlessly. He told me that he pulled every trick in the book to get Nate upstairs (water, peeing, one more hug, one more kiss). Nate went up about three or four times and told him, NO MORE! When I got home at 9:00, I noticed he was sitting up in his bed (video monitor is awesome). I went up and asked what was wrong and he said, "Daddy is a bully. He wouldn't let me pee again." So, I took him to the bathroom. When I layed him back down he said, "Tell Daddy not to be a bully again!" After telling Nate this story, he ran up to give him one more hug and one more kiss.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just like E-han

I hear Link calling for me. I find he and Ethan "playing" Wii. Link yells, "Mommy, I am doing it.....just like E-han!!!!" Ethan tries to wink at me. I notice, Ethan is playing, but Link is not "in" the game. He's just holding the remote! Link is lucky to have such a sweet big brother (most of the time)!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day loss

We usually celebrate Valentine's Day with cards. I may get him a book or a CD and he usually sends me flowers. It's pretty low key. This year, I decided to get a babysitter and take him to have favorite dinner. He really, really, really likes crabs (especially Maryland blue crabs). We can't ever go with the kids because it's over an hour ordeal for him to eat them...and enjoy them.
So, I found a crab shack that said they have crabs 7 days a week 365 days a year. The only problem is the restaurant is in Anapolis (one hour away).
The first mistake I made was not keeping this a secret. I told him last week giving him plenty of time to scheme.
While we were getting ready, he gave me my gift. It was a pretty heart shaped diamond necklace. I started feeling the guilt already. I am taking him to a CRAB SHACK. I don't see the equivalence in the gifts at all!!!! But, I was super excited that he picked out jewelry without my help, so I got over the guilt! :)
We get to the restaurant and everyone is dressed in Capitols jerseys and tennis shoes, but we were getting his favorite it was ok! UNTIL, we sit down and I see the chalkboard that reads OUT OF CRABS!!!! NOoooooo! We just drove an hour and no crabs!! You have to be kidding me! He could see the disappointment on my face and tried to soothe me. It was pathetic. He ended up ordering King Crab and we tried to guess what Deadliest Catch boat his crab came from. It was just sad.
The story should end there, but OH doesn't! I wake up Sunday to find a box of Ghiradelli chocolates from the boys. He got a Reece cup heart from the boys. Again, I felt major guilt, but the chocolate helped a lot!
The story should definitely end here, but who are we kidding!! Yesterday at work, EIGHTEEN pink roses came to my desk. Of course, there was the sweetest card attached, but every time I look at them, I see that chalkboard sign that says, OUT OF CRABS!!! Poor Natie!!!

***Ethan took our picture before our sad little date night!***

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sock Hop!

Ethan's school had a sock hop tonight. He was so excited!!! He and Link were screaming with excitement as we pulled up to the school.When they entered the gym, they busted out their moves!
They must have learned these from their Daddy. Their gym teachers taught them a lot of dances. This is Ethan and his friend Alex doing the Cotton-eyed Joe. When I showed him this picture, I said I am so excited that you know the Cotton-eyed Joe. He looked and me and said, "How do you know that song!" HAHAHA...sweetie Mommy definitely knows the Cotton-eyed JOE!!!
I think that the PTA did not expect the turn out that they had. They advertised pizza but ran out in 15 minutes. Link was starving after 30 minutes. He and Daddy left early to get McDonalds.
Ethan stayed and made his Momma proud. He would be fantastic in my Zumba class!!!
We ended the night with a school-wide Conga line!!! By the end of the night, Ethan was exhausted and starving! I was very impressed with his independence tonight. He found his friends and left us quickly. He danced and danced and danced!! My big boy is growing up fast!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perfect Attendance

I am so mad at myself. I jinxed the little fella this past week. I mentioned to Nate and E had perfect attendance. Growing up I had MANY years of perfect attendance. Not because I wanted the award, but because I couldn't stand missing out on what my friends were doing.
This morning, E woke up complaining of his room being really hot. I didn't think too much about it b/c his room is always hot and he sleeps under a fleece blanket and on top of a fleece blanket.
I dropped him off and walked in the door at work when they called to tell me he was sick. The upside of this was he was FINE the rest of the day. We actually had a good day together.
The funniest part of the day was him constantly looking at the clock and saying, "'s 10:13. They are probably finished with calendar." OR " Ughhh...It's 12:10. They are getting ready for centers." I totally remember doing this whenever I was sick. It killed me to be at home!!!
We're crossing our fingers for a good night sleep. Tomorrow night he has a sock hop at school and he really wants to go!!!
***The above picture is him in front of Thomas Jefferson's desk.***

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happe V/Day!

This weekend, I noticed Ethan was working hard on the white board, but I was not allowed to look at it until he was finished! When he finished, he called me over to check out his Valentine message to us all.
This morning, he woke up super early and decided to read a little bit before he went downstairs. He picked up If you give a cat a cupcake and started to read out loud. I only had to help him with one word (treadmill)!!!
He is getting tooooo big.....tooooo fast!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today was Link's first day back at daycare since last Tuesday. Nate was about to take him to school and I told him I needed ONE MORE hug because I was going to miss him so much. While he was hugging me, I told him to hug me for five minutes because he was so cuddly. He takes my cheeks in his hand and says, "Mommy, it will go fast!"
Nate also had to pick them up after school for me. When I got home, he ran up to me and said, "See Mommy it was a fast day!" So, of course I had to grab him and squeeze him for five minutes (or as long as he would let me)!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How could you???

Nate picked Ethan up from school today. When he got in the truck he looked at Nate and said, "Daddy, you didn't tell me today was Groundhog day!!!"