Monday, August 30, 2010

Memaw and Pappy's boys

We met Memaw and Pappy in Maryland yesterday to deliver the fellas. They have the boys this week! Pappy has called us a few times, but for those of you who try to talk to them on the phone you know how it goes...."Hi you...bye!" I guess they are just having too much fun!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Into the Lions Den

We went to the zoo on Friday. It was our last hurrah together and Nate took the day off. Ethan woke up in one bad mood!! It was one of those moods where nothing we did could make him happy! BUT, Link was ready to go and was super excited! When we walked up to the panda, we noticed he was eating bamboo. He stopped and started walking to the next pile of bamboo.Lincoln immediately got out of the stroller and started walking like the panda.
Once he got his bamboo, he turned his back to us and Link was ready to move on.
He had to stop and pet this one, though.
Ethan continued his moodiness. He started huffing and puffing. When we got close to the lions, I told him if he didn't get rid of his attitude I was throwing him in with the lions. I got a smidge of a smile out of him.
Lincoln did not get my humor and once he saw the lion he said, "Mommy frow E-han in now!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have two funny stories from Lincoln. Both are about Zumba. On Monday, I was getting ready Zumba and Lincoln said, "Go shake your booty for a little bit and then come check on me."
Tonight, as I was getting ready for Zumba again, he said, "If you have any trouble at your dance class, just call me on your phone!"
That boy is a character!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Check on me.

Every night before bed, Lincoln asks me if I am going to check on him....NOT DADDY!!! Today at nap, he said, "Only Mommy, Memaw, Pappy, and E-han can check on me.....and do it in five minutes!" Demanding little boy!
Memaw and Pappy took the fellas to the playground and to the pool today.
They have also been enjoying the deck this weekend. Memaw and Pappy leave tomorrow, but I think that it will be much easier than usual. The boys are going to stay with them for a week starting next Sunday. I can't believe this is my last week of summer with them. BOO!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daddy's not gonna believe this

Bob and Nate were hanging a shelf in our closet when Marsha and I took the boys to the pool. Ethan never even put his floatie on today! He practiced swimming the whole time.
After a good half hour, Ethan started asking for Daddy and once said, "Daddy's not gonna believe this."
He's really swimming now. Its just for short distances, but he's swimming!!!
Both boys want their goggles on, but neither one will put them over their eyes!

He is just a stinker! I big ole stinker!

Friday, August 20, 2010


It's a rare thing for a mom to find a friend AND for their kids to become friends!!! I lucked out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ethan's girl

Ethan starts Kindergarten in a few weeks and unfortunately we don't live in the same district that I work in. His school gets out at 1:20 every Monday....which I think is bizarre. So, I went on and posted a job for Monday afternoons. Nate and I picked one and today she came over to meet the boys. While Ethan was waiting for her, he asked if it was going to be just him or him and Lincoln. I told him she was just for him and he got the biggest smile. Then he said, "Yes....I don't have to listen to that pirate talk!!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Ballgame

Ms. Cat, our neighbor, got us tickets to the Nationals game today. It was the boys first major league game, ever!
They tried their first ballpark hotdog!
They ate lots of nachos!!!
They both did some loving on Ms. Cat. Ethan ended up sitting in her lap the entire game. He was fascinated with the game! He actually watched the entire game. By entire, I mean....we stayed for the whole thing! I was so shocked that they both did so well!
Link got restless a few times. The first time he got restless, Ms. Cat bought them foam fingers.
The second time, we went to see the mascot! They loved him. Link kept calling him the chicken. It was hilarious.
Ice cream kept him busy for a while!!!!! It was make your own sundaes today!
Ethan was so into the game. He wanted "us" to win!! Luckily, we did!!! YEAH!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, we tried the Waterpark again today....WITH DADDY! I took them both Wednesday and we had to leave because Mr. Independent, Lincoln, decided to take off on his own. I had a mini-heart attack and we left!
This amazing Pirate Ship seems to be the problem. Lincoln begins to think he is a real pirate and he is invincible.
Today, I heard him ARGHing at two bigger boys today because they had the nerve to get near his pirate steering wheel. How dare they!!!!
My big man has gotten brave this summer and loves all the slides!
Daddy was a favorite today....which is a good thing this week. Link has been momma's boy and I think Daddy was getting jealous!
He only wanted Daddy to take him down the slides.
The went up and down this slide dozens of times.

This slide is for the "big" boys. Daddy and E went down it twice. The tube is a four person tube and Nate said it is HEAVY!!!

Ethan loved it!!!! We had a great time today! I seriously wish we had gone here before August. I think we really would have enjoyed this earlier in the year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm not playing anymore

You would think from that face that he would be the one saying, "I'm not playing anymore." would be wrong. I just overheard Nate say that to Ethan while they were playing Mario. Ethan has no concept of multi-player.
I know for a fact that I said that while I was YELLING at Link to get back to the house while he was running down the sidewalk BACK to the pool. He was mad at me for taking his movies away and making him go to early naps because the lifeguard and I asked him NUMEROUS times to stop running at the pool today. After he ran away from the house, I took them away for tomorrow as well. I am not playing anymore!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

That was FUN!

We finally tried out Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags and I have to say that I am so disappointed that we waited so long! It was so much fun. They have two HUGE water playgrounds. Each have a pirate ship and you know who loved it! There were a few waterslides that Ethan was able to go down. He went down a really big one with Nate on this four person tube three times! We stayed a few hours and then we HAD to go home for naps. I know that the boys needed the nap because of the major meltdown Link had when we left. I promised that we would go back one day this week and then again on Saturday with Daddy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Something for everyone

The boys have watched too many movies!!!! So, today I forced them to get out of their jammies and into the car. We hit the National Harbor. They have a VERY, VERY, VERY small Children's Museum launch room. It basically a prototype of the real museum coming in 2013. Today's theme was Ready, Set, Go.
There were scooters, and hulu-hoops, and climbing
While were waiting for the exhibits, the boys found two exhibits that the loved. One was sorting rocks and gemstones by colors. The other was crayon rubbings of reptiles. Link got a little bored of this one, so he drew a pirate ship.

Ethan really got into the physical challenges. He was not ready to head home. I appeased him by buying him some Wendy's. Of course when we got home, they both wanted to watch a movie. I gave in and finished my book! Tonight, we are taking Daddy to eat some seafood. I am making sure that everyone has a little fun today!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


A few people have asked why my blog posts have been so few and far between, so I thought I would let you know what we have been doing. NOTHING! HA! We've been to the pool almost everyday. We've watched lots of movies, and I have been reading!
The boys were able to see Memaw and Pappy for a few hours on Saturday. Memaw and Alaina came Monday night for a concert, so the boys were able to see her for a while on Tuesday and then again Wednesday before she had to go.
Maybe this weekend we will do something fun and I will have something to post! I hope you all are enjoying your summer like we are!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Burning some energy

In an effort to burn some energy yesterday evening, we put the boys on their bikes and headed to the playground.
Let's just say....thank goodness we live so close to the playground.

Lincoln's little legs are not long enough, yet. I am beginning to wonder if they ever will be!

On top of his little legs, he has the biggest imagination ever. Nate would get ten feet with him and then he would have to hop off and "check something!" He kept pretending that it was breaking down and he was the mechanic.

By the time he got to the playground, he had already switched characters and was his usual Pirate self. He and E ran and ran and ran! They got SOME energy out!

There was a cute little boy at the playground that played really well with them. I was so proud of Ethan for being the biggest one there and really playing with the other boys!