Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Porto, Portugal

 On Sunday, we bought hop on hop off bus tickets which included a Port Wine Cave Tour.  
 It turns out that we were the only ones during our tour.  
 It worked out perfectly for us because our tour guide took the boys around and showed them barrels with wine from their birth year.  
 The boys were excellent on the tour!
 Next, we jumped on the bus and started our city tour!  
 Link was not happy with the headphones!  He just enjoyed the scenery.

 Porto is known for their blue tiles on the outside of many buildings.  
The blue tiles were even in the train station.  They were beautiful. 

 Clean laundry, a Portugal flag, and a picture of Jesus!  I love it!
 Our tour also included a river boat tour.   

 We drove and walked down this street a few times.  There was a little old man in the window that waved at Link.  Link looked for him each time we went down the street. 
 He was there at the window each time.
 We ended the night at a nice restaurant called Book.  The menu and the bill were presented in books.

This guy loved the restaurant.  He tried everything and he even charmed the waiter into bringing him more of the appetizer!  He even tried salmon mousse and olive tapenade. The boys had a trio of burger patties.  Link ate all three (chicken curry, pork and onions, and a traditional cheese burger.) Ethan tried them, but didn't finish.  This was the first time we have taken boys to a really nice restaurant.  They were great!  It's nice to know we can do this more often!
Porto was a hit!  We loved it!

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