Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kirkel Falsenpfad

Bri and I took the boys hiking today.  The trail was in a village called Kirkel.  We followed the trail marked Falsenpfad to see some amazing boulders!
Along the way, we found rocks that were marked as 200-300 million years old. 
 This was fossil from millions of years ago.
 This quartz rock is 350 millions years old. 
 We did lots of climbing.  
 And lots of cave exploring.  

 We stopped for snacks twice because these boys burned lots of calories!!
 The view from the last snack stop!  
 It seems, in Germany, the trail signs always end and we have no clue where to go to get back to the car.  This time was no exception.  Thank goodness for the iPhone.  Ethan took charge of the phone and followed the map to get us back to the car.  He also held Link's hand on the way down.  
Poor Link fell numerous times and has lots of scrapes!  
That being said, EVERYONE had a blast!  This was a great trail!  

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