Monday, July 28, 2014

Archery Class

 Ethan, Lincoln, and Julian had a three day (one hour) archery camp.  The first day was cancelled because it was raining.  The second day was not much better, but they had some large canopies for the kids to stand under.  
 Each of our guys used 10 pound bows.  Link was rather defeated the first day.  He had a hard time.
 By day, two he had the hang of it and made quite a few arrows on to the target!   Ethan and Julian loved it from day one!  They had so much fun!
 On day three, Link made some bulls eyes!  
They both asked their Daddy to buy them a bow and arrow.  He quickly said NO!!!!  Next camp is VBS followed by tennis.  I bet they ask for new bibles and tennis rackets too!  :)

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