Saturday, December 6, 2008

The weekends are not long enough!

So, I thought we were pretty darn acclimated to the area. I felt like we could get around well, until today! We went to the post office to send some packages off today. We used the GPS to get us to a post office that was close to the tree lot. The post office took just a few minutes and it was close to lunch time so we used the GPS and looked for a Mexican place to eat. I noticed that the GPS said that Baja Taco was just 3.2 miles away. So, off we went! FORTY-FIVE minutes later we found the place. At 12:10 we were finished eating and left to go the 3.2 miles back to the tree lot. At 1:26 (with a Starbucks stop in there) we were back to our original starting point. The GPS was spot on...the traffic and lights were just horrific. A really nice guy from the Boys and Girls club helped us get our tree. Ethan had his first Starbucks experience today. Of course, he waited about 30 minutes to drink the Hot Chocolate because he thought it was "too hot."
We put the boys down for nap very soon after we got home and put the tree up. Our plan is to decorate it after church tomorrow. Once naps were finished, we decided to go to Union Station and see their Norwegian tree and toy train.

The boys LOVED every minute of it. This station has a mall with tons of restaurants in it. We ate at Uno Pizza because we could sit by the ledge and watch the toy train while we ate. Ethan ate two pieces of pizza with his back to us staring at the train.
Dinner was so peaceful! If any of you have ever eaten with us you know how wonderful this was! We decided to drive into DC instead of taking the train. It was such big payoff for us (so maybe we were a little more acclimated than I thought). It took about 20 minutes versus a 50 minute train ride! I have a list of things I want to do this holiday season. We were able to mark two things off the list today. I just hope we have enough time to get it all in!

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Amy said...

What a great weekend! So much remind me of Massachusetts at Christmas Time. Had to laugh at the traffic kidding that is exactly how it was in North Carolina!