Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's the holiday season!

So, many of you know that I lost my wallet last Thursday on the Metro. Credits cards were reissued. My debit card is in the mail. I only need a new Driver's License and Military ID. Tonight, Nate went to put something in his wallet and found my Driver's license in his wallet. I have no clue when I put it in there....but a crisis has be averted. You can only imagine the lines at the DMV here. Last week I looked online to see if you could request a new ID online and the answer was YES. I was so excited. I clicked on the link and it asked for your b/day and customer number. If you were unsure what your customer number was you could click on a link and it explained it. Sure enough, the customer ID # could be found on your's lost!!!! But, now I don't have to go through that!
Nate's baby picture and Donald's picture were in my wallet. That makes me sad. Plus it was my COACH wallet...that makes me even sadder. :(

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Justin & Jennifer said...

Heartless! How can you put a Coach wallet above Donald?!