Thursday, December 18, 2008

BDay/Holiday Party

Today was our SST party (I still have no clue what SST stands for now that I think of it.) It included a bunch of SLPs, an audiologist, a psychologist, and a social worker. We have been doing secret Santa all week and today was the big reveal. Kathleen's bday was also today. By request, Sharla got a Cosco cake. Kathleen makes a WONDERFUL spice cake, but we figured it wouldn't be right to ask her to make her own bday cake! We had a Cosco cake a few months back and I thought to myself that this cake was really, really, close to the Cakery Cake in Dayton. I told Nate this and he said we should try it. I don't think anyone can "try" a Cosco cake. Those things are HUGE. So, today he asked if I would "sneak" him a piece. There was so much cake left I brought a rather large chunk with the roses home for him. The boys got a small piece after dinner. Notice how little icing Ethan has. While I was cutting it Nate said, "leave the icing for me." When I asked him to compare the cake to Cakery he responded, "Cakery is a 10. Cosco is a 7." He's such the cake aficionado.
BTW....I know you are all thinking what the heck is that ear doing in there. Apparently, sometime before I started here, someone actually stole Kathleen's ear that was hanging on the wall. She received a new ear for her b/day.

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Amy said...

Love, love, love Cosco cake! Haven't had it since CA and that has been 13 years! So glad you have a good bunch of people to work with! Oh, as far as Santa...Luke wants all Clone Wars Figures and ships, Jack would like a pink Ariel dress and wig and Zoe would like a Hanna Montana electric guitar.