Monday, December 22, 2008

There's nothing better than....

THREE boys (and a dog) in the kitchen. I had to take Hunter to the vet today and when I got back Nate was in the kitchen cooking pasta with meatballs.
The boys were "helping."
**Hunter update: He has had more labored breathing. We took him to the vet today and she gave him a good exam. She asked that we leave him for x-rays. When I picked him up, she told me that he has a partially paralyzed larynx. We just need to make sure he doesn't exert himself. The rest of him looks great. She said for a 12 1/2 year old he is pretty darn healthy. As Nate said today, "Josh picked a winner." He keeps on a ticking!**

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Amy said...

Hang in there Hunter! Was Ethan planning on adding Linc's sock to the sauce?