Friday, December 19, 2008

Party Day

The boys had their Christmas Parties at school today! They were super excited this morning. Each of them ate a wonderful breakfast and got dressed without a fuss! Ethan had a gift exchange at school today. When I picked him up, he had his own gift. I guess there was a mixup with his gift. They didn't know who it was from (probably because we didn't put his name on it). So, he picked it. Lucky for us, he loved his gift. I love his teacher. He told us that she told the class if they didn't eat their lunch they wouldn't get their present. :) Their lunch was waffles, sausage, and ice cream. The poor kiddies.
Tonight we drove into DC to look at the Christmas lights. It is sooo nice knowing we have two weeks off together. The boys are so excited about the holidays. Ethan is sitting in his jammies watching Olive the other reindeer. He is grinning from ear to ear genuinely happy! I hope that the next two weeks are filled with happiness for you all!

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