Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to know if you say NO too much...

Baby Centers nineteen month advice this week was:
Parent Tip: How to Avoid "No" "Instead of telling my son no all the time, which can lead to power struggles, try saying things like, "Let's try eating with our fork," "Let's not play with the lamp cord right now — let's color instead." You'll find that giving your child a way out that facilitates communication and listening really pays off."
Sometimes I think Babycenter has cameras in my house. How do they know that my kid is a picky eater? How do they know that my 50 month old is back talking? Today's advice was spot on. This afternoon on the way home, I gave both kids Tortilla chips. We were half way home and Lincoln started pointing at Ethan saying, "NO-NO." I guess he didn't want him to have chips? At dinner if he couldn't reach his drink, he banged the table and said, "NO-NO." If he couldn't get the door on his animal hospital open, he banged it and yelled, "NO-NO." Do you see a theme? I think we've been saying, "NO-NO" too much.
You may wonder what the above photo has to do with "NO-NO." Ethan had a balloon today and decided to LOCK it in his room so it wouldn't blow away. Daddy had to tell Ethan, "NO-NO."

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