Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This morning, Nate asked me if I thought of the New Year as a new start. I laughed and said, "No. I look at it as half way until Summer Break." Today we spent my birthday, like we have done for the past few years, cleaning up the Christmas decorations, running errands, and buying lobsters for dinner. I guess we like to start the New Year clean. :) Tomorrow is Nate's birthday. He did his usual digging in about how for one day I am two calendar years older than him. I am looking forward tomorrow to calling him OLD-like me. We had a duel birthday cake tonight. It was the first cake in five years that was not from the Cakery. Boy, do we miss that cake!
My New Years resolution is to get an external drive that will hold ALL of my pictures. I spent almost an hour between THREE computers getting all these pictures. They chronicle the past four Christmas' with Ethan and the little tree at Bob and Marsha's. He has turned into such a "boy." He was so lovey today. He told me a dozen times Happy Birthday! I hope you all have HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness...I didn't read the last part of your blog and had a melt down on the third tree picture because for some reason I thought it was Link. Thank goodness I went back and read!