Sunday, December 21, 2008

Popcorn Party

Today was my day to work in Ethan's Sunday School class. He was super excited. They have so many parent volunteers that each parent only has to work one Sunday every three or four months. He has a great class. After church and lunch, we busted out the popcorn tin that Marilyn sent. It is one of my FAVORITE holiday treats. This year I decided I would share with the boys. It worked out in my favor. I love the cheese, Lincoln loves the butter, and Ethan loves the caramel. They ate, and ate, and ate until I finally said, we'll have more later. At dinner, we heated up some frozen pizza. The boy's cheese pizza cooked too long. About three bites in, Ethan runs to the bathroom. Nate says, "what's wrong Ethan?" He says, "I'm just gonna throw up so I can have another popcorn party after dinner. That pizza is really yucky." We cracked up and told him he didn't have to eat the bad pizza.

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Amy said...

Hmmmm. not quite sure what to say about that one! He cracks me up!