Monday, December 8, 2008

Living Bethlehem

Our new church, Aldersgate, does a living Bethlehem each year. King Herrod greated Ethan at the entrance and asked him to come and tell him when he found Baby Jesus. The poor fella agreed to do it. Luckily, he met a wise townsman that told him not to tell him.
We waited at the gate for a dreadful ten minutes before we learned that there were not enough prophets to take us on the tour. We were on our own. This witty gaurd let us through. As we entered the town, Ethan gave the Census taker his name and how many people he was bringing with him. In the town we met potters, farmers, and a pesky rug seller. A woman with goats and sheep let us all pet her animals.
After visiting with the towns people, we finally arrived at a manger with a bright star above. Angels were guarding the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes! He needed those swaddling clothes tonight because it was a frigid 32 degrees.
At the end of our visit, we made it into the church for cookies! I am not sure how we managed to find the homemade chocolate chip cookies that were still warm, but boy were we lucky!
On the way home, we asked Ethan if he had a good time. He answered yes and he would like to go back. When we asked what he would like to see again, he said, "the Oreo cookies next time." It was a magical night, but not for the reason you are probably thinking. In the car, Ethan said, "I am so tired. I want to sleep for a long time." Then, when we got home, he went to bed without one little fuss!

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Amy said...

I love it! I have wanted to do this at Aley, but haven't had time to plan it at all! Glad you guys got to experience it!