Monday, September 3, 2012

The Louvre

 On the first Sunday of every month, entry into the Louvre is free!  We took full advantage of this bargain along with a few other thousand people!
We stood in line for about thirty minutes just to get into the doors.  
The big boys looked a the maps while we were waiting.
This place was packed!  I guess we weren't the only ones taking advantage of the free entry!
 First stop was to see the Venus de Milo.  The statue is said to have been created somewhere between 130 and 100 BC.  
 After seeing the Greek statues, Ethan wanted to go see "that famous painting."  I kept trying to tell him how small it was.  I don't think he understood until we go to the room and we couldn't even get close to see it. I had to pick him up to show him.  He still couldn't see it, so I held my camera up and snapped this picture!  He looked at it and said, "Oh.  It's really small."   
 Besides "that famous painting," he wanted to see the Egyptian exhibits.  This "Seated Scribe" is dated back to 2500 b.c.  Again, I couldn't fathom how ancient and well preserved some of these artifacts are.  We got excited to see Abraham Lincoln's hat in DC and this is thousands of years older!  It's amazing!
 We started seeing the sarcophages and he got really excited.  He started wanting me to take pictures.  I think I took about 100 pictures for him.  He plans on making a book about his trip! 

 He got excited and Lincoln got sleepy.   Poor Nate!  He carried his little buddy around for the rest of our time at the Louvre!
Ethan was so flabbergasted that Lincoln could sleep through all this cool stuff!!!
One of the highlights of the museum was seeing the real mummy!  Lincoln even woke up for this one!  It was really cool!  We only stayed a few hours.  Link was too sleepy and Nate was hurting from carrying him!  I think Ethan could have spent hours there!  I love that little nerd!

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