Saturday, September 22, 2012

Super Saturday

 We started off this cold Saturday morning with simultaneous 9:00 am soccer games!
 Nate and I were running from field to field to watch both boys. 

 Hitscherof Farms had a pumpkin festival today, so we headed that way after the games.
 The farm had pumpkins, a terrible corn maze, a hay bale jumping area, and lots of local booths.  
 The corn maze shared its entrance with its exit.  So basically, you went to the middle, got lost, and then found your way back.  
 The festival had lots of local specialty foods.  We tried their Flammkuchen, which is a flat bread with cheese, onions, and ours had ham.  We had their bratwurst on a bun.  We also tried their steak with salad (potatoes and coleslaw), and their delicious pumpkin soup!  The soup was so yummy!

The fellas did a little more jumping and then we headed over to do some shopping.  I found some local honey and a handmade cherry wood cutting board.   
My current bamboo cutting board doesn't fit in our miniscule sink very well!
This week has been HARD on everyone.  Tomorrow, we plan on going to church and then laying around in our jammies all afternoon!!

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