Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Second floor

It's been FOREVER, but we finally have the second floor in pretty good shape! 
(At least good enough to take pictures and put on the blog)
 This is our bedroom.  We have a few pictures that we would like to put up.  I have a collage from when Nate and I went to Paris that I want to switch out some of the pictures from when we went a few weeks ago.  Our bedroom has been the "Paris" room since our honeymoon.
 A big selling point were these wardrobes or shrunks as the Germans call them.  The one on the far left is one of the ones that the military loans us.   
(Notice how I opened Nate's to show you.  Mine is not near as organized!!!)
 No master bathrooms here!!!  We all share this big bathroom.  There is a double sink on the left and a shower in the right corner.
 This is Ethan's room.  
We just added the game shelf to his room.  His room is big enough for us to sit and play games as a family in here.  You can also see the size of the wardrobe in the corner.  
 This side of Lincoln's room is nice and neat.  He has a toy box and another box filled with costumes!!!
 Since the boys don't have closets you can see what we have to do with all those awkward sized boy toys....shove them behind the door in the corner!!!

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