Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kulinarische Wanderung

Two neighboring villages held a "Kulinarische Wanderung" which is a culinary hike.  It was an eight kilometer hike through trails on fields.  Along the trails, were eight culinary stops.  The boys and I went late this afternoon and made it to three stops.  As we saw the welcome flag, I realized that the batteries of my camera were dead.  DARN!!!
The first stop was an Italian stop.  It was about 4:00 pm so we had fried rice ball with bolognese inside.  It was a yummy appetizer!
The walk was on a loop, so we turned and went to the last stop.  It had burgers and a huge bouncy house.  The boys bounced until they were sweaty and beat!  We ate most of our burgers (which were definitely German and not American), then I got the boys some ice cream.  As they were eating ice cream, our neighbor came by and told us that the next stop had a delicious dessert.  We couldn't pass up a delicious German dessert!!!!  So, we trekked a bit to the next stop and it was well worth it!  It was a yummy cinnamon and sugar pastry with a vanilla cream sauce.  The boys and I were fighting over it bite after bite!
With our bellies full, we started back to the car.  I don't know what distance we walked, but it took us 25 minutes to get back to the car.  After researching this walk on the internet, it looks like they do these a few times a year.  The boys and I enjoyed it so much I think we will do this again!

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