Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fine Sunday

 I think that the fellas are getting caught up on their sleep.  They are getting used to being a school five days a week.  This weekend was much easier than the past few days!  
I don't think anyone had to be sent to their room!  
 Look at those sweet faces!  We are going to the Contemporary Service on base for church.  The kids go to the Youth Center (which is next door).  They have a great Children's Church group.  They love it!  A boy in their class made them paper airplanes a few weeks ago and they have been asking us to make them one almost everyday.  Earlier in the week, I showed Ethan a website that teaches you how to make them!  I figure he can make his OWN!
 After church, I took them to the playground to get some energy out!  They brought their planes and tried them out in the field nearby.  Here Ethan is showing Lincoln how to throw it properly.
 They flew ok, but not as successfully as Ethan or Lincoln would have liked.
 I have a feeling they will be perfecting them this week.
I got bored of the boy stuff and took a ride on the zip line!  
Lincoln thought it was funny and took my picture!

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