Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Days

This kid LOVES school!  I have to make him stay in his bed until 6:30 every morning.  In fact, last week, we found out that he slept in the clothes that I set out for him the previous night.  
 We walk down the bus stop at 7:20.  He starts in about 7:00 asking if we can go early!  He loves it! 
 This fella is not enjoying school as much.  I usually get "ahhhhhhhhh" when I tell him that it's time to start walking down to the bus.  He asks every night if he HAS to go tomorrow.  He was sick last Friday and I don't think he is 100%, yet.  He is also WORN out!  They are working him, and I love it!
I had to remind Lincoln of when we were in Alabama and he was mad that his friends could go to school and he couldn't!  He said he doesn't remember that! :)

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