Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Potzberg Wildlife Park

One morning few weeks ago, we went to Potzberg Wildlife Park.  They have a huge park, but the animals are your typical farm animals....goats, horses, deer, and rabbits.  In my opinion, not worth the 17 euro for the three of us.  We learned that they have a birds of prey show at 3 pm, but we were not about to stay that long.  Since the boys got out at half a day, we went back for the birds of prey show.  
 We got there early and the boys played on the few playground items.  
 I can't believe this kids is almost eight years old and has never been on a trampoline.
 Yes, they are cute, but look at the view from behind them! The park is on this gigantic hill overlooking the countryside!
 This sweet little guy came over for some loving!  I felt bad walking away!  He was so cute!
 We decided to sit on the FRONT row.  Again...the view!  WOW!
 Once the show started a beautiful eagle started flying around us.  I thought this was amazing.  Apparently, this was just the warm-up!
 Once the show REALLY started, the bird-man host (I have no clue what to call him) unleashed six of the most beautiful eagles!  They were flying all around us!  The disgusting part was that in his pouch were tons of dead baby chicks that he was feeding them.  And by feeding, I mean he would throw the dead chick up right above our heads!  The birds were flying inches above our heads and landing inches away from us!  
 This guy scared the mess out of me!  The red shirt is Ethan's back!!!!  Notice how the bird man is not phased by the fact that his bird is inches from my child!  ONLY in GERMANY!!!
Here he is right behind me!  At one point this bird flew from his perch on my left to the bird man on my right. He flew so low that his wings flapped my ear.  Of course, I screamed!  Again....ONLY IN GERMANY!

So, right after he puts the eagles up, he brings out the falcons and hawks (not sure which was which because the show was in German).  This time he had chunks of raw meat.  I think he thought it was funny that I screamed earlier (and he probably knew I was American and didn't understand him), so he stood three feet in front of me and threw a chunk of meat at my head.  A split second before it hit my face, a hawk swooped in and grabbed it in midair!  Of course, I screamed again!  
The show was about an hour and like I said early, it was in German.  So, I had no clue if there were instructions on getting up or anything like that.  About 45 minutes into the show Ethan had to go to the bathroom.....BAD!  I thought he was going to cry.  I was so scared to get up and have one of the birds land on us!  I kept trying to tell Ethan that I don't think we should get up!  But....he had to go!  I waited until all the birds were on their perches or flying far away and we took off!!!!  I am sure this bird man thinks we are crazy Americans!!!

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